ISBN: 978- 0- 521-18294-2

IB Chemistry
Transition Work
1) Work through ‘Head Start to AS Chemistry’ by David Mason
ISBN: 978 1 84762 1160, available from Amazon and other
booksellers for approximately £4.
Sections 1 to 3, and 7 to 10 are particularly relevant to the topics
covered in the first term. Make notes and answer questions to check
The other sections are relevant for later topics and are worth reading
2) The Text book for the course is expensive (around £35) but can be
ordered through the College at a discounted price when you start in
September. However, if you are sure you are going to take IB
Chemistry and wish to purchase it before then the details are given
Chemistry for the IB Diploma, by Steve Owen (Cambridge University
ISBN: 978- 0- 521-18294-2
Homework Task / Questions
Please use your Head Start book to help complete the following:
1) Draw a labelled diagram of:
a. A Sodium atom.
b. An oxygen atom.
(Section 1 in Head Start)
2) Draw ‘dot and cross’ diagrams to represent:
a. The covalent bonding in an O2 molecule.
b. The ionic bonding in sodium oxide.
(Section 2-3)
3) Write a balanced equation to represent the reaction between
sodium and oxygen to form sodium oxide.
(Section 7)
4) Calculate the ‘formula mass’ for:
a. Sodium.
b. Oxygen.
c. Sodium oxide.
(Section 1)
5) Calculate the ‘Percentage mass’ of sodium and of oxygen in
sodium oxide.
(Section 8)
Please bring your answers to your first chemistry lesson in September.