Speech/Language Evaluation Process (1)

Initial Speech/Language Evaluation Process
Consent given
The student identified as in need of
a speech/language screening by a
parent or teacher. A permission to
screen form is sent home
A screening is administered and
the parent/guardian is called to
discuss the results
Consent denied
Process ends
Difficulty found
No speech/language
issue found
Process ends
For an articulation, voice, or fluency
evaluation, a Permission to Evaluate
(PTE) form is issued immediately to the
parent/guardian from the Speech
Language Pathologist (SLP).
If a language evaluation needed, the
teacher and the SLP will bring the
results of the screening as well as
information from the classroom a
scheduled meeting of the Child Study
Team (CST) to ask for approval for a
Language Evaluation –
If the CST approves the request, a PTE
is issued to the parent/guardian.
If permission to evaluate is
granted by the
parent/guardian, the PTE
must be signed, dated and
returned to the school to
begin the assessment
The evaluation must be completed
60 days from the date the PTE is
received by the SLP. The date the
PTE was received is noted on the
If the parent/guardian does
NOT want their student
evaluated, the PTE must be
returned to the school
indicating that permission is
denied and signed/dated
by the parent/guardian.
Permission to
Evaluate denied by the CST
Process ends*
* A parent may request an evaluation at any
time by submitting their request in writing to the
principal, classroom teacher or
speech/language pathologist.
Process ends
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MaryTherese Sabatino M.S.,CCC-SLP 2012