Sex-linked Trait Webquest on Fruit Flies

Sex-Linked Trait Webquest on Fruit Flies
This Webquest consist of two activities both dealing with fruit flies. You can work alone or work with
one another person. You will need a computer to do both activities. You may go to my Blog to pull up
this activity or use the copies made for you.
Part I. Sweet 16 Drosophila Tournament (by Flinn Scientific)
This activity is similar to March Madness except you are dealing with Fruit fly traits.
 Pick up Tournament sheet from the teacher and follow the rules on the side of the sheet
o Write your responses on the tournament sheet
Part II. Virtual Fruit Fly Lab
Go to the following website
1. First make sure the sound is low and then click the television to silent to the video-Take a
few notes
2. Next click the Notebook and figure out at least three scenarios
a. Make sure to write the number of the scenarios and the correct parents
b. Press reset to do a different scenario
c. Press check parents to make sure you have the correct parents
d. Press return when you are finished with this part
3. Afterwards, click table (near the bottom of the screen)
a. Copy the table and fill it in based on the three scenarios you picked
b. Click the X on the top right of the table when you have completed this section
4. Lastly, click Journal (near the bottom of the screen)
a. Read #1 and answer #2
b. Read #3 and then answer #4
c. Turn in completed work (make sure to staple your paper and put your (and your
partner’s) name on it.
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