Position Title: Software Engineer
Location: Mountain View, CA
Position Summary:
Software Engineer at Aarki, Inc. in Mountain View, CA. Develop secure, high-performance, frontend and back-end code for web applications using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Incorporate
application security best practices, including single sign-on (SSO) and digital signatures, and ensure
compliance with OWASP protocols. Build and maintain comprehensive testing frameworks.
Construct and enhance algorithms to model financial information and calibrate advertisement
pricing and bidding. Write code to connect to partner application program interfaces (APIs) and ad
bidding platforms. Design and document business APIs for internal analytics and self-serve portal
customers. Apply knowledge of Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MSSQL to write efficient database access
requests. Research and evaluate relevant mathematical and statistical trends, update team members
on new developments, and integrate applicable innovations into company business processes.
Profile and optimize code execution.
Qualifications and Requirements:
The position requires a Master’s or foreign equivalent degree in Computer Science, Computer
Information Systems, Applied Mathematics, or a related technical field and two years of experience
in the development of secure web applications. Experience must include JavaScript, HTML, CSS,
SSO, digital signatures, OWASP protocols; building testing frameworks, constructing algorithms to
model financial information, and knowledge of Oracle, PostgreSQL, or MSSQL. Must pass
company’s technical review. To apply, reference job code SWE4 and email resume to