During the French Revolution, what did the Jacobins want in terms

During the French Revolution, what did the Jacobins want in terms of government?
What is mercantilism?
Why is the treaty of Nanking important?
What was the Tennis Court Oath?
Why did the Sepoy Rebellion of India occur?
What is the importance of the Suez and Panama Canals?
What qualities helped England have an industrial revolution first?
What is the concept of “the white man’s burden” (during the New Imperialism age)?
What was the English Enclosure Movement & results?
Who were the sans culottes of the French Rev?
What are 2 major events of the Mexican revolution?
Describe China’s Taiping Rebellion.
Why was Mohammad Ali important in Egypt’s history?
Where were Stanley & Livingstone and Cecil Rhodes?
What were some problems causing the Ottoman Empire to be the “sick man of Europe”?
Who ruled India during the “Raj”?
Describe the three types of colonial control (colony, protectorate, sphere of influence) and give an
example of a nation that practiced each.
What was the Opium War?
What was the Meiji Restoration in Japan?
Name one important characteristic of Latin American Revolutions.
What are “unequal treaties”?
Why was Touissant L’Overture important?
What was China’s Boxer Rebellion?
The most important industrial revolution invention is almost certainly the steam engine. Why?
How are the Scramble For Africa and the Berlin Conference related?
What was the importance of the Indian National Congress?
What are important components of Marxism?
What are the “cult of domesticity” and the idea of “separate spheres” that Victorian England believed
Who had autocratic governments during this era? Liberal democracies?