Curriculum Vitae
Ange-Marie Hancock, PhD
Department of Political Science, VKC 327
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089
[email protected]
Doctor of Philosophy (2000) University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Political Science)
Master of Arts (1997) University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Political Science)
Bachelor of Arts (1991) New York University (Politics)
Academic Employment History:
University of Southern California (2008 - present)
Associate Professor, Political Science & Gender Studies (with tenure)
Current Administrative Position: Faculty Master, North Residential College (2013-2018)
Theme: “Los Angeles: The Silicon Valley of Social Entrepreneurship & Civic Engagement”
Previous Administrative Position: Associate Director, Center for the Study of Immigrant
Integration (CSII) (2010-2013)
Affiliated Faculty, Program for Environmental & Regional Equity (PERE) (2009-Present)
Yale University (2003 – 2008)
Assistant Professor, Political Science / African American Studies
Previous Administrative Position: Director of Undergraduate Studies, Ethics, Politics and
Economics Program (2004-2007)
Pennsylvania State University (2002-2003)
Assistant Professor, Political Science / Women’s Studies
University of San Francisco (1999-2002)
James Irvine Foundation Dissertation Fellow / Assistant Professor, Politics
Intersectionality: An Intellectual History (Oxford University Press)
In Press: Publication Date December 1, 2015
This book is also already the subject of a symposium in the special issue of New Political Science
(publication date: December 2015)
Solidarity Politics for Millennials: A Guide to Ending the Oppression Olympics (2011, PalgraveMacmillan; Revised paperback ed. December 2013)
 Adopted as a required text for all diversity classes in the Post-Secondary Administration
& Student Affairs (PASA) MA Program, Rossier School of Education, USC
 Subject of “Dialogues” in Politics, Groups & Identities (Rita Dhamoon, ed.)
The Politics of Disgust and the Public Identity of the “Welfare Queen” (New York University
Press, December 2004)
 Winner, 2006 W.E.B. Du Bois Best Book Award, National Conference of Black Political
 Winner, 2006 Best First Book Award, Race & Ethnic Politics Organized Section,
American Political Science Association
Peer-Reviewed Articles, Symposia and Chapters
“Empirical Intersectionality: Two Approaches.” University of California, Irvine Law Review,
(May 2013)
“Trayvon Martin, Intersectionality and the Politics of Disgust.” Theory and Event. (September
2012) 15:3
“Mini-Symposium: Intersectionality Research: New Directions for Scholarship in Political
Science and its Applied Use Across Fields,” Edited with Evelyn M. Simien. Political
Research Quarterly (March 2011).
“An Untraditional Intersectional Analysis of the 2008 Election.” Politics and Gender 5:1 (2009),
“When Multiplication Doesn’t Equal Quick Addition: Examining Intersectionality as a Research
Paradigm.” Perspectives on Politics 5:1 (2007), 63-69
“Supreme Court Decision-Making, Subissue Salience and the Attitudinal Model,” with Issac
Unah. Law & Policy 28:3 (2006), 295-320
“W.E.B. Du Bois: Intellectual Forefather of Intersectionality?” SOULS 7:3-4 (Summer/Fall
2005), 76-87
“Overcoming Willful Blindness: Building Egalitarian Multicultural Women’s Coalitions.”
Female Circumcision and the Politics of Knowledge: African Women in Imperialist
Discourses. Obioma Nnaemeka, Ed., Greenwood Press (chapter submitted 2001; published
2005, 245-274)
“Contemporary Welfare Reform and the Public Identity of the ‘Welfare Queen’” Race, Gender,
Class 10:1 (2003), 31-5
Externally Funded Policy Reports:
“A Foot in Both Worlds: Institutionalizing Progressive Research Centers within Universities.”
With Jeffrey Sacha, Jared Sanchez and Manuel Pastor. Program for Environmental and
Regional Equity (USC) and Atlantic Philanthropies. December 2013.
“Giving Black in Los Angeles: Donor Profiles and Opportunities.” Funded by the Liberty Hill
Foundation. December 2012.
Peer-Reviewed Special Issues and Book Chapters
Latino/a Political Theory Special Issue of Politics, Groups, and Identities (Co-Edited with
Cristina Beltran, June 2014)
“Intersectional Representation or Representing Intersectionality? Reshaping Empirical Analyses
of Intersectionality.” In: Escobar-Lemmon, Maria and Michelle Taylor, Eds. Representation: The
Case of Women (Oxford University Press), 2014
Forthcoming Articles and Chapters
“Frederick Douglass, Intersectionality and Black Masculinity” (Sole Author)
Status: Chapter drafted for accepted edited volume: A Political Companion to Frederick Douglass
(Series: Political Companions to Great American Authors), Neil Roberts, Volume Editor;
Patrick Deneen, Series Editor. Status: Submitted for Publication
Article Under Review
“A Foot in Both Worlds: Challenges in Institutionalizing Engaged Research.” With Manuel
Pastor, Jeffrey Sacha and Jared Sanchez. Submitted to Journal of Planning Education and
Research; Status: Revise and Resubmit
Selected Invited Articles and Edited Works
“Bridging the Feminist Generation Gap: Intersectional Considerations” Politics and Gender
Volume 10.
“Thinking about the Book You Might Have Written: A Dialogues Response” Politics, Groups
and Identities. 2:1 (March 2014), 160-163
“Neurobiology, Intersectionality, and Politics: Paradigm Warriors in Arms?” Perspectives on
Politics 11:2 (June 2013), 504-507
“Don’t All Veins Look Alike? Comprehensively Attending to Diversity in the Vascular Surgery
Specialty,” with Charles R. Hancock. Journal of Vascular Surgery, Volume 51, Issue 4
Supplement (April 2010), S42-S46
“DuBois, Race, and Diversity.” The Cambridge Companion to W.E.B. DuBois. Shamoon
Zamir, Editor. New York: Cambridge University Press (2008)
“Intersectionality, Multiple Messages, and Casual Complexity: Commentary on Patricia Hill
Collins’ Black Sexual Politics” Studies in Gender and Sexuality 9 (2008), 14-31
“Black Female Athletes.” African Americans and Popular Culture, Todd Boyd, Editor.
Westport, CT: Praeger (2008)
“Intersectionality as a Normative and Empirical Research Paradigm” Politics and Gender, June
“UBUNTU: Humane Solutions and Success Stories from Africa,” Special Issue Co-Editor with
Karen Bouwer, Peace Review 15:3 (2003), 251-316; 357-368
Race Politics Bibliography (a searchable database of classic and recent political science research
across subfields and racial/ethnic groups available via the internet) (© 2004 Ange-Marie
2008 Collaborative Multiracial Political Survey:
National telephone survey of registered voters with comparably large samples of African
Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos, and Whites that is the first multiracial and multilingual
survey of registered voters across multiple states and regions in a presidential election. In contrast
to the 2008 American National Election Study (ANES) which oversampled Black and Latino
voters, and was available in Spanish, the CMPS was available in six languages and contains
robust samples of the four largest racial/ethnic groups: Whites, Latinos, Blacks, Asians. The
CMPS contains 4,563 respondents who registered to vote in the November 2008 election and who
self-identified as Asian, Black, Latino, and White. The survey was available in English, Spanish,
Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamese and respondents were offered the opportunity to
interview in their language of choice. Six of eighteen states that were sampled to produce robust
samples of all four major racial groups include California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, and
New Jersey, and the statewide samples range from 243 to 669 cases.
2012 Collaborative Multiracial Political Survey
National telephone survey of registered voters with comparably large samples of African
Americans, Latinos and Whites that partially replicates the 2008 survey design – available in six
languages with robust samples of the four largest racial/ethnic groups: Whites, Latinos, Blacks,
Asians. The 2012 CMPS contains 2,400 respondents registered to vote in the November 2012
Multi-City Black Philanthropy Project (funded by the Liberty Hill Foundation and New England
Blacks in Philanthropy)
451 online surveys, 17 in-depth interviews and six focus groups regarding donor attitudes and
behavior of self-identified Black people in Los Angeles and Boston.
Projects in Progress
“Giving Black in Boston” (Principal Investigator)
Multi-method replication study of Black philanthropy
Funded through a contract with New England Blacks in Philanthropy (Ange-Marie Hancock, PI);
grant funding provided by Barr Foundation (Boston) and Kellogg Foundation (Hartford and
Status: Project Completed April 2015
Scaling Up Stories For Justice (Book Project)
Status: Proposal in preparation for submission to Oxford University Press; Research Design and
Methodology companion book to Intersectionality: An Intellectual History.
Selected Awards, Grants and Fellowships:
Best Paper in Black Politics Award, Western Political Science Association (2014) “Black
Community Organizing in the Age of Obama” – with Melina Abdullah and Regina Freer
ASHSS Early Career Sabbatical Competition Winner, University of Southern California (fall
Faculty Lead, Dornsife College 2020 Competition Winning Proposal: Enhancing Graduate
Education about Immigrant Integration (2011-2013) $300,000
Dornsife College Faculty Fellow (2011-2013)
Director, New Directions in Feminist Research Seminar, Center for Feminist Research, USC
(2009-2010) $30,000
Nomination, Yale College Teaching Award (2006)
Visiting Faculty Fellowship, Research Institute for Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity,
Stanford University (2006-2007) $40,000
Center for the Study of American Politics Grant, Institution for Social and Political Studies, Yale
University (2005) $5,000
Betty Nesvold Award for the Best Paper on Women & Politics, 2002 WPSA Conference $250
Vizuri Kabisa Award for Outstanding Faculty, University of San Francisco (2002)
USF Jesuit Foundation Grant (2001) $1,000
Faculty Development Fund – Sponsored Teaching Development (2001) $2000
James Irvine Foundation Curriculum Development Grant (2000) $3500
Multicultural Action Plan Grant $500
James Irvine Foundation Minority Dissertation Fellowship, Univ. of San Francisco (1999)
Minority Student Dissertation Fellowship, Ohio University (1999 - declined)
Graduate School Dissertation Completion Fellowship (1999 - declined)
Patrick Hagan Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching, University of North Carolina,
Chapel Hill (1999)
University of North Carolina Graduate School Minority Merit Assistantship (1995-1998)
Earle Wallace Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching, University of North Carolina,
Chapel Hill (1998)
Outstanding Graduate Woman Award, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (1996)
Courses Taught:
Graduate Seminars
Intersectionality Research
Core Seminar in Political Theory (Politics and International Relations PhD program)
Women and Politics
Undergraduate Courses
African American Politics in the U.S. Political System
Political Participation and American Diversity
African American Political Thought
American Political Thought
Sex, Power and Politics
Mentoring Experience:
Post-Doctoral Advisement:
Arely Zimmerman, Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow, Program on Environmental and Regional
Equity, USC (2011-2013) – currently: University of Illinois, Latino Studies Program
Veronica Terriquez, Assistant Professor, Sociology, USC (up for tenure 2015)
Vanessa Tyson, UCLA Ralph Bunche Fellow
Graduate Student Committees
Angelica Bernal, Yale University (Dissertation) - Assistant Professor, University of
Amy Cabrera Rasmussen, Yale University (Outsider Reader, Dissertation) - Associate Professor,
California State University Long Beach
Sonali Chakravarti, Yale University (2nd Year Paper Chair; Dissertation) - Assistant Professor,
Wesleyan University
Matthew Mendez (Dissertation Chair, USC POIR Program)
Jordan Peterson, University of Southern California (Exam Committee)
Rachel Seher, Yale University (Outside Reader, Dissertation) - Teacher, Facing History Charter
School (New York, NY)
Margarita Smith, University of Southern California (Exam Committee)
Dorian Warren, Yale University (Outside Reader, Dissertation) – Associate Professor, Columbia
Terrion Williamson, University of Southern California (Outside Reader, Dissertation) – Assistant
Professor, Michigan State University
Selected Undergraduate Students Mentored
Rafael Alvarado (BA, University of San Francisco / JD, University of Miami) - Admitted to
California Bar
Donisha Brooks (BA, USC - Norman Topping Scholar; JD in progress, UCLA)
Moanike’ala Crowell (BA, University of San Francisco / JD, University of Hawaii) - Admitted to
Hawaii Bar
Pany Faed (BA, USC; 2012 White House Fellow) – Currently employed in Office of the Social
Daniel Fierro (BA, Yale College) – Candidate for School Board, Cerritos, CA
Adriana Garcia (BA, Yale College / JD Columbia University) – Staff Attorney, MALDEF
Tomas Garcia (BA, Yale College / MPA Kennedy School of Government / JD, Yale University)
Bryant Hall (BA, Yale College / JD, Yale University)
Tonna Onyendu (BA, USC) Currently employed as South Los Angeles representative, Los
Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti
Tim Reed (BA, University of San Francisco / JD UCLA) - Admitted to California Bar
Funmi Showole (BA, Yale College / JD, Columbia University)
Jamie Young (BA, USC / JD in progress, University of Hawaii)
Editorial Leadership:
Editorial Board, Perspectives on Politics (2013 – Present)
Co-Editor, Politics and Gender (2013 – Present)
Inaugural Co-Editor, Politics, Groups and Identities (new journal of the Western Political Science
Association) (2010- present)
Co-Editor, “The Politics of Intersectionality” Series, with Nira Yuval-Davis (Palgrave
Macmillan) (2009- present) Current Editorial Status: five published books
Editorial Board, Journal of Politics (2005-2007)
Editorial Board, Peace Review (2000 – 2005)
Executive Council Experience (Academic and Community):
Co-President, APSA Race, Ethnic Politics Organized Section (2013 - 2015)
Board of Directors, Community Partners (2014 - )
Board of Directors, Strategic Concepts in Organizing and Policy Education (SCOPE-LA) (2013 –
Board of Directors, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Los Angeles (April 2013 - 2015)
Board of Directors, Liberty Hill Foundation (2012-2023)
American Political Science Association Executive Council (2011-2013)
Board of Directors, Jordan Rustin Coalition (2009-2010)
Executive Council, Western Political Science Association (WPSA) (2006-2008)
Executive Board, Women and Politics Organized Section, American Political Science
Association (APSA) (2005-2007)
President, Women and Politics Caucus, Western Political Science Association (2007-2008)
Executive Council Member, Race and Ethnic Politics Organized Section, APSA (2003 - 2005)
Selected USC Service:
Member, Faculty Advisory Committee, Search for Dean of Dornsife College (2015-2016)
Member, Faculty Advisory Committee, Search for Provost of USC (2014-2015)
Secretary General, USC Academic Senate (2014-2016)
Faculty Master, New-North Residential College (2013 - )
Co-Chair, NTT Promotion Evaluation Committee, Departments of Political Science (2015)
Guest Speaker, School of Social Work Diversity Committee: “Intersectionality and Diversity:
From Tolerance to Solidarity”
Guest Speaker, Rossier School of Education Diversity Committee: “Intersectionality and
Diversity: From Tolerance to Solidarity”
Co-Chair, USC Government and Civic Engagement Faculty Advisory Committee (2011-2014)
Interviewer, Dornsife Trustee and Presidential Scholarships (2010- Present)
Member, NTT Faculty Promotion Committee, Master of Professional Writing (MPW) Program
Member, Dean’s Search Advisory Committee for USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and
Sciences (2012)
Member, Political Science Department Executive Committee (2011-2013)
Member, Politics and International Relations (POIR) Graduate Program Oversight Committee
Member, Dean’s Search Advisory Committee for USC Roski School of Fine Arts (2010)
Member, University Strategic Planning Committee (2010-2012)
Chair, Assistant Professor Search Committee, Comparative Politics (2011-2012)
Member, Assistant Professor Search Committee, American Politics (2010-2011)
Member, WASC Re-Accreditation Committee (2008-2010)
Member, Carmen Warschaw Practical Politics Chair Search Committee (2009-2010)
Member, Assistant Professor Search Committee, Neuro-Decisionmaking (2008-2009)
Sponsored Professional Development:
APSA Short Course, Fuzzy Set Methodology August 31, 2007, Chicago, IL
APSA Short Course, Designing Social Inquiry August 30, 2006, Philadelphia, PA
Inaugural Women of Color Studies in Political Science Conference, August 27-28, 2002, Boston,
CIRIMEX Spanish Language and Culture Program, July 18-29, 2001, Guadalajara, Mexico
University of North Carolina Graduate Student Leadership Program, 1998-99, Chapel Hill, NC
Conflict Resolution of Public Disputes, Orange County Dispute Settlement Center, 1998,
Carrboro, NC
Meeting Facilitation Certification, Orange County Dispute Settlement Center, 1998, Carrboro,
Peer Review and Peer Training Experience:
Fuzzy-Set QCA Workshop Presenter & Discussant, University of California, Irvine Dept. of
Sociology (May 2013)
Current Manuscript Reviewer: American Political Science Review, American Sociological
Review, Communication Theory, DuBois Review, Politics and Gender, Social Science
Quarterly, New York University Press, Oxford University Press, Routledge
Grant Reviewer, National Science Foundation (2002, 2005, 2012)
Co-Convener, Politics of Race, Immigration & Ethnicity Consortium (PRIEC) at USC (with Jane
Junn and Veronica Terriquez) (October 2011)
Tenure and Promotion Reviewer (2008-2012): University of Alabama, University of Rochester,
University of Southern California, Sonoma State University
Education Committee Member, Los Angeles African American Women’s Public Policy Institute
(LAAWPPI) (2008- Present)
Program Co-Chair, APSA Short Course on Intersectionality (2008)
Keynote Speaker, Intersectionality and Public Health Workshop, Simon Fraser University,
Vancouver, Canada (2008)
Program Co-Chair, APSA 2008 Annual Meeting, Race and Ethnic Politics Section (2007-2008)
Seminar Leader on Intersecting Identities, Yale-New Haven Teachers’ Institute (Summer 2005)
ESL Teacher, Wuhan University Summer Intensive English Program, Wuhan, China (Summer
Section Program Chair, Western Political Science Association Annual Meetings (2005, 2006,
Section Program Chair, National Conference of Black Political Scientists Annual Meetings
Committee on Professional Development, Western Political Science Association (2002-2004)
Senior Research Fellow, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Institute of AfricanAmerican Research (1996 - 1999)
American Political Science Association
Western Political Science Association
Language Competencies:
English (Native), French (Semi-Fluent), Spanish (Limited Conversational / Translation)

Curriculum Vitae - USC Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters