BSEMD Capstone Proposal Form Requirements of Project Proposal


BSEMD Capstone Proposal Form Requirements of Project Proposal Documentation and Talk Name: Radhika Mistry

1.) Pedagogical Rationale (50-100 words, 1-2 Slides)  Give a pedagogical emphasis for your work, briefly summarizing sources from pedagogy posts and of interest to you.  Starting off with my focus audience, I have 2 sets of audience, general public and dental students/dentists. For general public, my area of emphasis is on creating awareness about oral health care based on the misconceptions. Creating a small animation related to life cycle of the tooth and movie with interviews and opinions about dentistry.  For dental students, I would want to make learning more visual using animations, websites or video. Considering a topic of interest is the relation between oral health and / or manifestations and systemic diseases. 2.) Background Content (50-100 words, 1-2 Slides)  List the science would you like to learn at UCI to incorporate into your project?  Media designing in various forms like graphic designing, animation and video production. I really want to explore the world of research and be able to participate/ assist one, for I have heard and read but haven’t got a chance to perform, to know if that is a preference for a long-term profession. Even if not long term, it is a part of every field.   As per the research topic I have found interest in is neurobiology and behavioral science. A course on ethics 3.) Standards Addressed (50-100 words, 1-2 Slides)  Cross-reference your project to official content standards, such as NGSS, National science frameworks, State Science Standards and/or AP/IB, or similar standards for your specific field and audience.  The standard to compare and requiring approval for in dental sciences would be from the ‘American Dental Association’

 For the state in which produced, should be cross-referenced with the state standards and laws. For California, 4.) Media Overview (50-100 words, 1-2 Slides)

 How will you use media to build your project, and comment upon your “comparison-based prototyping” for examples? (Though I will soon update my comp-based proto ex)  I would use a lot of animation and graphic design for the cycle of tooth development, growth and geriatric changes.   Picture of the lesions or signs Video covers the misconceptions of the patient 5.) User Instructions/Manual (50-100 words, 1-2 Slides)  How will you ensure fidelity of implementation, i.e. that your product is used in the way intended?  How might you distribute the end-user instructions manual?    Starting off with not publishing on the public/social network. Rather approaching a school or clinic for practical use of it. Getting feedback from the users for relevant modifications Followed by marketing it to a few schools/clinics OR publishing on personal website 6.) Lesson/Implementation Plans (50-100 words, 1-2 Slides)  How would your project/product be used into a classroom (or other audience)?  How might you train ing end-users?  For classroom use, the video/animation can be used for teaching. The oral-systemic website can be more like a visual e-book for studying in class and for future reference as well.  Probably by adding the content and scope of the design for the users. (I am not very sure of many more options) 7.) Assessment Tools (50-100 words, 1-2 Slides)  What types of assessments could you use to evaluate your product, and give some examples look?  As already mentioned, feedback (feedback form) from students (probably final year) and fresh graduates.   Suggestions from experts in the field (though it will require networking but I sure would want to make it happen to the best possible extent) And try to possibly get evaluation globally from dentists that practice in different parts of the world (for it can be something very innovative for a few and just a piece of modification for some)

8.) Bibliographic References (minimum 20 total for proposal, 1-2 Slides)  Literature Review with one paragraph per reference (pedagogy, media, science content) 

    much-do-we-know (More to come) 9.) Bibliographic Video of your research interests and developing project (5-10 minute video)    