Word File - Ubiquilux Lighting

(Hospital Acquired Infections)
October 19, 2015
Ubiquilux, a Canadian designer and manufacturer of next generation light switches announced
the world’s first touchless sensing light switches will be available to Canadian hospitals in
November 2015. This is a major leap forward in the fight for infection prevention.
As per the Public Health Agency of Canada - “More than 200,000 patients get infections
every year while receiving healthcare in Canada; more than 8,000 of these patients
die as a result. ….About 80% of common infections are spread by healthcare
workers, patients and visitors. “
Many reports, studies and research documents highlight: one of the key contributors
of hospital acquired infections (HAIs) are light switches. The e-Motion touchless
sensing light switch (which reacts to on / off touchless but does not react to random
motion) finally allows hospitals and facilities to remove a major contributor in the
spread of infection.
As per Miklos Tomka, General Manager for Ubiquilux - “The first e-Motion light switch
was designed to reduce infections. However, as with many innovations we tried to
leverage the technology to it’s full capability to enable not just one but several
features. Therefore, in addition to our unique and world first touchless control, we
have also included our wall-wash (pilot light at night) and Active Energy saving
features. The e-Motion switch is the first in a family of products for use in areas such
as healthcare, hospitality, offices, new home builds or upgrades of existing ones with
benefits related to hygiene, convenience, innovative design, energy saving, lighting
automation and control. We take a 25+ year old interaction model to the 21st
century by providing intuitive and natural touchless control.”
John Robertson, Head of North American Sales, added “we are actively pursuing pilot
projects with healthcare and public facilities to measure the full impact of deploying
e-Motion for infection control and energy efficiency. We are also in the process of
signing partnerships with companies wanting to play a role in making our ground
breaking technology accessible to users. You will see numerous announcements in
the near future on the results from these pilots and our strategic partnerships.”
About Ubiquilux Corp: Ubiquilux is a Canadian manufacturer of leading edge light
control technology. Its first product, the patented e-Motion dimmer switch (to be
available in November 2015) is expected to disrupt the traditional dimmer market as
it represents the first true alternative to the 25+ year old light control technology. It
will be followed by a number of smart light control devices, including connected
switches. For details please visit www.ubiquilux.com or email [email protected]