JOB DESCRIPTION Position: Regional Clinical Capacity Building

Regional Clinical Capacity Building Specialist
State RMNCHA Unit (SRU), Bihar TSU
Reports to:
Capacity Building Specialist
Various districts in State of Bihar
4 Years
The confluence of four key factors creates a pivotal opportunity to accelerate progress
toward achieving the government of Bihar’s (GoB) 2017 targets for reductions in rates
of mortality, fertility and malnutrition, and increases in immunization coverage.
These factors include:
 Consistent political support from GoB to improve the health of women and
children, exemplified most recently by the launch of the Human Development
Mission (ManavVikas Mission) under the chairmanship of Chief Minister in
the state;
b) Recent launch of the government of India’s (GoI) RMNCH+A strategy;
Success of the Ananya program in identifying strategies and
developing solutions that support these goals; and
d) Recognition by the Health Department and Social Welfare (ICDS)
Department of the value of the work of Ananyaand other development partners
in Bihar.
 To capitalize on this opportunity, CARE will lead the establishment of a
Technical Support Unit (TSU)), which will closely work with and support the
Health and Social Welfare (ICDS) Departments of the GoB in their endeavour
to achieve rapid and sustainable change in health and nutrition.
 The proposed TSU will provide catalytic support to the two departments to
refine policies, systems and processes, transform capabilities and behaviours,
and build ownership to unlock the potential of both public and private sector
providers to effectively implement solutions.
 The work of the TSU will focus on effective technical interventions in
maternal and child health, family planning and nutrition. Key drivers of change
will include the transfer of skills and building ownership of approaches and
solutions by Health and Social Welfare (ICDS) Departments.
 The State RMNCH+A Unit (SRU) of the TSU will consist mainly of technical
experts from CARE and other development partners who will work closely
with GoB to develop effective strategies to achieve GoB’s 2017 targets for
reductions in rates of mortality, fertility and increases in immunization
Job Summary
 One key role of the TSU is to enable rapid improvements in quality of health
care services provided by existing functionaries in public facilities as well as in
outreach programs.
The Regional Capacity Building Specialist under the supervision of Capacity Building
specialist and in close collaboration with the Regional Technical specialists and District
Manager will play a critical role in facilitating high quality clinical and non-clinical
training programs for functionaries of the health department, particularly for doctors and
nurses in public facilities, using resources internal or external to the TSU.
S/he will provide leadership in provide supportive supervision to the Mobile Nurse
Mentor Team (MNMT) and to the District Clinical Analysis Facilitators (DCAFs) and
facilitate the work of the MNMTs and the DCAFs so that they can play their roles
Regional Capacity Building Specialist will report to Capacity Building specialist and
will work closely with other TSU Units.
 To facilitate the work of the MNMTs and DCAFs.
 To provide supportive supervision to the MNMT and to the DCAFs.
 To gauge the training needs, gaps in their knowledge and provide updates and
training to the MNMTs and the DCAFs.
 To organize and conduct review meetings of the MNMTs.
 To identify the Level 2and 3 facilities that are ready or likely to be ready for the
first and second phases of the MNMT rollout starting January 2015.
 To assist the CARE Field staff in enabling Facilities to complete the deficiencies
in attaining readiness for the MNMT rollout starting January 2015.
 To provide information and assistance in maintaining a good Management
Information System.
 To collect, collate and transmit data for study and research whenever required.
 To provide technical support to CARE field team in Capacity Building roles.
 To keep abreast of latest GOI/GOB Guidelines on Maternal, Newborn & Child
Health and Family Planning.
 To liaise with CARE District Team, Regional Technical Specialists and
Programme Managers for better coordination.
 To liaise with Government Counterparts at Block and District levels for shaping
the programme and accommodating local priorities.
 To spend 70% to 80% of the time for Field based activities as per requirement.
 To carry out any other activity in line with the above that may be required to
complete or enhance the outcomes of the MNMT programme.
Qualification &
 B.Sc. nursing or higher qualification from a recognized institution
 Minimum two years of experience in mentoring of nurses
 Clinical skills must be current and up to date
 Demonstrated experience and knowledge of maternal health programs and
policies in India
 M.Sc. Nursing with specialization in Obstetrics or Neonatology Nursing from a
recognized institution
i. Ability to train/mentor Nurse, District Clinical Analysis Facilitator and managerial
skills and to mentor subordinates to be good mentors in turn.
ii. Demonstrated ability to objectively analyze data and has an eye for detail
iii. Proven ability to conceptualize, analyze, innovate, plan, write and execute ideas, as
well as impart knowledge and skills
iv. Excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills
v. Excellent negotiation skills
vi. Demonstrated learning agility, pro-activeness and openness to embrace new
technologies at work
vii. Ability to travel extensively to gather first-hand information about progress in
implementation of MNMT and MDMT
viii. Ability to function effectively as a team member and respect diversity in a team
ix. Fluency in English and knowledge of local working language (Hindi) is essential.