Biology Extend II Practice questions Student worksheet #2 Some

Biology Extend II Practice questions
Student worksheet #2
1. Some human body cells are shown in the diagrams below. These groups of cells represent
Tissues in which similar cells function together
Organs that help to carry out a specific life activity
Systems that are responsible for a specific life activity
Organelles that carry out different functions
2. Which statement is true of both mitosis and meiosis?
a. Both are involved in asexual reproduction.
b. Both occur only in reproductive cells
c. The number of chromosomes is reduced by half
d. DNA replication occurs before the division of the nucleus.
3. Which statement about the pyramid of energy shown below is correct?
The amount of energy needed to sustain the pyramid enters at level D.
The total amount of energy decreases with each successive feeding level from D to A.
The amount of energy is identical in each level of the pyramid.
The total amount of energy at level D is less than the total amount of energy at level B.
Down syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by the presence of an extra chromosome in the
body cells of humans. This extra chromosome occurs in a gamete as a result of
a. An error in the process of cloning
b. An error in meiotic cell division
c. A gene mutation
d. Replication of a single chromosome during mitosis
Enzymes are classified as which of the following biological organic compounds?
a. Carbohydrates
b. lipids
c. proteins
Sexual reproduction provides for what to occur?
a. Cloning
b. budding
c. genetic stability
d. genetic variation
7. Before a cell goes through either mitosis or meiosis, which process must be carried out by the
DNA nucleus?
a. Replication
b. nondisjunction
c. transcription
d. translation
Which is responsible for most genotypic and phenotypic variation among humans?
a. Meiosis
b. budding
c. mitosis
d. regeneration
9. In a forest ecosystem, which is an abiotic factor?
a. The amount of rainfall
c. the size of the deer
b. The type of trees
d. the number of birds
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