Application for membership of NoWAL by the Donald Mason Library

Application for membership of NoWAL by the Donald Mason Library, Liverpool
School of Tropical Medicine, by Julia Martin (Head of Information Services, LSTM)
History of LSTM
LSTM, founded in 1898, was the first institution in the world to be dedicated to
research and teaching in tropical medicine and parasitology. LSTM is now a major
international centre for tropical infectious diseases, leading numerous programmes
to control diseases of poverty. It has strong links with other institutions such as the
Universities of Liverpool and Warwick. LSTM achieved HEI status in 2013 which has
marked a major step forward and the School is continuing with plans to achieve
Taught Degree Awarding powers in the next few years. The achievement of DAPs
will make it easier to establish new as well as overseas-based education
programmes, in collaboration with Universities and institutions in resource poor
countries where LSTM has a commitment to strengthen health systems.
A Library service for LSTM began in 1920. Over time it became closely linked with
the University of Liverpool’s provision, and, since the 1980s LSTM effectively
operated as a satellite library using their library management system and electronic
resources. The move towards an independent HEI means that a new library service
needs to be implemented with a new staff structure and projects to support this are
currently underway including a library management system and procurement of eresources and systems to make them discoverable to users.
Staff numbers
JISC banding
For 2012-13 student numbers were approximately 580. In addition
there are around 100 PhD students. About 50 of these are currently
based at LSTM.
2014 staff numbers are 350 fte across all categories
Total research income for 2012-13 was £44,422,511.00
Further financial information is available from:
New band 7 (old band F)
Jan-Dec 2013 = 6,463
LSTM New Library Staff Structure – 2014
Head of
Services (8) - 1 fte
Digital Resources &
Manager (7) - 1 fte
Digital Resources &
Assistant (4) - 1 fte
Academic Liaison &
Training Officer (6)
- 1 fte
User Services / ILL
Manager (7) - 1 fte
Cataloguer (6) –
0.5 fte
Repository Officer
(6) - 0.5 fte
Temporary Project
Manager (7) – 1 fte
for 1 year
FoI Compliance
Officer – 0.6 fte
User Services
Assistants (4) - 2
Information Services is also responsible for the management of the institutional repository
and for information governance at LSTM including data protection and freedom of
Benefits to NoWAL members
If admitted, the Donald Mason Library would be bring the following benefits to NoWAL
Access to a unique collection in the fields of infectious diseases
Access to a collection which covers the neglected tropical diseases e.g.
Onchocerciasis and Lymphatic Filariasis as well as the more widely known ones
A growing emphasis on public health and related fields to support the School’s new
Centre for Applied Health Research & Delivery
Access to the Archives & historical collection
We would be looking to put in place reciprocal access agreements for other members of