THS Physics S. Lowder Projectiles Worksheet #2 The cliff divers of


THS Physics S. Lowder Projectiles Worksheet #2 1.

The cliff divers of Acapulco push off horizontally from rock platforms about 35.0 m above the water, but they must clear rocky outcrops at water level that extend out into the water 5.00 m from the base of the cliff directly under their launch point. a.

How long are the divers in the air? b.

What is the minimum push off speed (horizontal velocity) necessary to clear the rocky outcrops in the water? 2.

A bullet is fired horizontally with an initial velocity of 225.0 m/s from a tower that is 15.0 meters high. a.

How long will the bullet be in the air? b.

How far does the bullet travel before striking the ground?

THS Physics S. Lowder 3.


A dart shot with an initial velocity of 14.1 m/s at an angle of 45.0

º follows a parabolic path and hits a balloon at the top of its trajectory. a.

Find the initial horizontal and vertical velocities of the dart. b.


What is the acceleration of the dart when it hits the balloon? What is the velocity of the dart when it hits the balloon? Romeo decides to toss a note to Juliet while she is standing on her balcony. He has weighted it with a rock so that he can throw it properly. He stands back from her house and throws it at a slight angle so that she can catch it. The note and attached rock have an initial horizontal velocity of 2.00 m/s and an initial upward vertical velocity of 6.80 m/s. The note is in the air for 0.400 s. a.

How fast and in what direction from the horizontal did Romeo throw the note? b.

What is the vertical velocity of the note just before Juliet catches it? c.

What is the vertical distance between Romeo and Juliet?