Twas the Night of All Hallows Eve Twas the night of All Hallows Eve

Twas the Night of All Hallows Eve
Twas the night of All Hallows Eve, demons started to scheme,
Creatures were on the prowl, craving to hear you scream.
We are unaware of what truly lurks in those eerie shadows,
Silence and still, about to pounce, aren’t just movie-slasher whackos.
Teens are out smashing pumpkins and stringing up TP,
And if spotted, with haste, avoiding to be caught, they’d flee.
And for the unlucky ones, in the cauldron of wretched witches,
Who cackle while stirring them into the soup; it’s one of their best dishes.
Overhead a full moon shines brightly in the clear night sky,
Across town, others are silenced by their untimely demise.
There’s a ferocious beast on the hunt, terrorizing the once-calm streets,
Ripping its petrified victims apart, and enjoying a bloody brutal feast.
In a dwelling den, a madman is creating a powerful monster,
Fueled by greed, all the land he’s driven to conquer.
But the doctor had come across one minor delay,
His monster would not rise without a lightning ray.
At a cult club, blood-thirsty vampires are hoping to quench,
As a mob of brave men form; gathering to courage to lynch.
Armed with stakes and torches, they charge in to fight,
But the vampires were too much, leaving a blood-stained sight.
At the insane asylum, in the creaky rocker, sits an old crone
All the patients and attendees know to just leave her alone
Or else she would bestow her infamous curse upon you
And you’d spend the rest of your days as a filthy little shrew.
In a dark room, a lone man struggles with his own state of mind
One side is just so malicious and evil, while the other way too kind
But don’t take his timid persona as a sign of weakness at all,
For if you make him angry his alter ego answers the call.
There are transparent apparitions, haunting an old manor,
To not only spook the hosts, but to unleash their spiteful anger.
Ghouls and goblins prowl the streets scrounging up small kin,
Did you check under your bed, for the dreaded boogey-men?
If you need to prowl the graveyard, do not go in alone
And listen for the rising festering corpse’s mindless groans
If you see one, don’t hesitate to make haste and flee
Or you might just become a walking-dead zombie.
To avoid being a victim to these creatures of the night,
Dress up like them in costume, go door to door and recite,
“Trick or treat.” Trust me, a reward you’ll soon receive,
For when the sun rises, these creatures will be forced to leave.
Have a Ghoul Evening and a Spooky Hallowe’en!