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Requirements for
Professional Involvement
 Pile & grade beam foundations must be designed by a professional
Engineer for pile size, depth, spacing and reinforcement in the piles.
 Steel screw piles or wood pile foundations require an Engineers
 Preserved wood foundations must be stamped by a professional
Engineer or conform to CAN/CSA-S406-92.
 Post & beam construction with framing members spaced greater
than 24” o.c. requires an Engineers design.
 Slabs-on grade or thickened slabs require an Engineers design for
reinforcement in the slab when garages exceed 55m2 (600 ft2).
 Shallow foundations or footings that are less than 1.2m (4 ft.) below
grade level require an Engineer’s design.
 Tall walls that require wind bracing may require an Engineers design
(generally greater than 14 ft. high).
NOTE: A building that falls in the scope of Part 3 of the Building Code or is
greater than 600 m2 (6460 ft2) will require an Engineers or Architects