Projects and papers

1. Group Projects for the Geoinformatics course
Involve participation of more than one student with common interest:
 E1- Build an ontology for your domain
 E3- Develop one of the following databases with Microsoft Access:
o Geosciences’ Alumni
o Rental property
2. Research projects:
 Ontology of Time
 DOLCE top level ontology
 SWEET (Semantic Web for Earth and Environmental Terminology) ontologies
 Process ontology
 W3 Geospatial ontologies
 OpenStreetMap
 GeoRSS geotagging vocabulary
 Geographic Modeling Language (GML)
 Keyhole Markup Language (KML)
 Dublin core
 Semantic Wiki
 Semantic markup
 Semantic Wikis
 Semantic MediaWiki
 Semantic Portals
 Flicker
 DBPedia
 Linked Open Data
 Jena
 Microformats
 RDFa
 Controlled Natural language processing (NLP) with ROO
Or choose your own Semantic Web topic related to the course!