Americas Mini-Independence Presentations

Americas Mini-Independence Presentations
-Students will be put into one of 7 groups, each representing a region or larger
country in the Americas.
 Central America (Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras)
 Southern South America (Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay)
 Countries liberated by Simon Bolivar (Bolivia, Venezuela, Columbia, Panama,
Ecuador, Peru)
 Brazil
 Mexico
 Canada
 Caribbean (Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba, other islands you wish to
Each group will be responsible for reading the excerpt from Latin America: A Concise
Interpretation by E. Bradford Burns.
Each group will put together a 5-minute presentation, which traces each region or
country’s independence movement.
Presentations will be put together using a power point format.
Groups should address (and the slides should be clearly labeled)
o The causes of the independence movement
o Characteristics of independence (related to discussion and the
o Briefly address the immediate impact after independence.
Groups must find a primary source document regarding independence from
the region or country. (Ex: U.S. Declaration of Independence)
o Your group must complete an OPVL of this document. This written
work will be turned in AFTER you complete your presentation.
o At least one excerpt from this document must be included in your
Included in your presentation must be a minimum of 5-7 images, including at
least one map of the region or country.
Causes of Independence
_____/5 Characteristics of Independence
_____/5 Immediate impact of Independence
_____/5 Minimum of 5-7 Images
_____/5 Groups well together and presented professionally
_____/5 Primary source shown and OPVL turned in
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