A Woman Like That
River Cross My Heart
All Souls A Family Story From Southie
Black Heroes of the 20th Century
Best Black Plays
To Believe in Women
Maine Criminal Statutes (2002-2003)
Acts of Intervention
Privilege, Power and Difference
A Beautiful Pageant
Coming Out To Parents
Zami Sister Outsider Undersong
101 Must See Movies For Gay Men
Unspeakable Love
Queer in America
The Rice Room
Choosing Civility
Don't Tell Me What To Do, Just Send Money
Another Mother Tongue
Unrequited Love and Gay Latino Culture
How Homosexuality Saved Civilization
The Gay Book Lists
The Measure of Our Success
Selections From Hadith Abdul Hamid Siddique
Queer Quotes
The Martin Luther King, Jr. Encyclopedia
A Darker Shade of Crimson
She's Not There
The Word of the Lord Is Upon Me
If It Takes All Summer
Martin Luther King Jr.
The Advocate
Blood Moon's Guide to Gay and Lesbian Film
Behind the Screen
The Book of Gay and Lesbian Quotations
Foder's Philadelphia and Pennsylvania Dutch
Foder's Pullout Map - Washington D.C. 2008
Foder's Pullout Map - Boston 2008
Foder's Pullout Map - New York City 2008
Journal About Women in Higher Education- NASPA
Larkin, Joan
Clarke, Breana
Macdonald, Michael Patrick
Smith, Jessie Carney
Smith, Chuck
Faderman, Lillian
Roman, David
Johnson, Allan G.
Krasner, David
Borhek, Mary V.
Lorde, Audre
Duralde, Alonso
Whitaker, Brian
Signorie, Michelangelo
Ben Fong Torres
Johnson and Miller
Grahn, Judy
Contreras, Daniel T.
Crimmins, Cathy
Rutledge, Leigh W.
Marian Wright Edelman
Hadith-Abdul Hamid Siddique
Theophano, Teresa
Armstrong, Carson, et al
Navarrette Jr., Ruben
Boylan, Jennifer Finney
Rieder, Johnathan
Warren, Dan R.
Dyson, Michael Eric
Fleming, Alice
Windmeyer, Shane L.
Porter and Prince
Mann, William J.
Smith, Patricia Juliana
The Queer Encyclopedia of Music, Dance, and
Musical Theater
Colby Oracle 1997
New England Association for College Admission
Counseling -NEASCAC
Gay by the Bay
Journal of Blacks in Higher Education - Spring 2008
Lesbian Art in America
50 Fabulous Gay Friendly Places to Live
Salsa, Soul and Spirit
Frightening the Horses
Out in the Castro
College Survival
How to Survive Your Freshman Year
An Anthology of Gale Male Prose
Fat Talk
The Lesbian Pillow Talk Book
The Lavendar Locker Room
Dude, You're a Fag
Gender Queer
From Our Own Lips
Hostile Climate - People for American Way
Black Men White Men
Boston Boys Club
Girl Meets Girl
The Naked Roommate
Once Upon A Campus
Been There Should've Done That
Creating Inclusive Campus Environments
The Best Things to Do In New York
It's the Little Things
The Asian American Educational Experience
Asian American Drama
The Fire in Our Souls
A Day in the Life of Africa
Homosexuals in Art
Colby: A Celebration in Pictures
The Queer Encyclopedia of the Visual Arts
The Queer Encyclopedia of Film and Television
King: The Photography of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Faces of Hope
Chicano Visions
Over the Line Art and Life of Jacob Lawrence
The Invisible Princess
Summer, Claude J.
Stryker, Susan and Van Buskirk, Jim
Hammond, Harmony
Russell, John
Kompes, Gregory A.
Bordes, Juana
Braun, Eric
Leyland, Winston Editor
Gottesman, Greg and Baer, Daniel
Hundreds of Heads
Denisoff, Dennis
Nichter, Mimi
Hannegan, Alison
Warren, Patricia Nell
Pascoe, C.J.
Nestle, Howell, and Wilchins
Harris, Paul
Smith, Michael J. _Editor
Diaz, Johnny
Cage, Diana
Cohen, Harlan
Banardee, Supurna
Harper, Shaun R. Editor
Leffel and Lehman
Williams, Lena
Nakanishi and Yamano
Nelson, Brian
Gonzales, Rosie
Smalls, James
Nyiri, Alan
Summers, Claude J.
Summers, Claude J.
Johnson and Adelman
Wright, Alison
Martin, Cheech
Ringgold, Faith
Diversity Internship, Co-op and Entry Level
New Soul Cooking
Egotrips's Big Book of Racism
African American Masters - Smithsonian American
Art Museum
Wake Up Our Souls
Beacon Ink No. 3
Chronology of African American History
Couples: A Photographic Dictionary of Gay and
Lesbian Relationships
Cowboys and Angels
I've Heard The Mermaids Singing
Bad Education
Letter Days
Fabulous - The Story of Queer Cinemas
The Sum of Us
Another Country
The Crying Game
Trembling Before G-D
Torch Song Trilogy
Pricilla Queer of the Desert
Soldier's Girl
Pick Up Your Ears
The Wedding Banquet
Saving Face
Brokeback Mountain
Noah Arc 1st and 2nd Season
The L Word
Dangerous Living (2 copies)
Desert Hearts
The Color of Fear 2
In My Country - Part 1 and 2 box set
Last Chance for Eden - Part One and Two
Voices of Civil Rights
Education Video Network
Martin Luther King: The Man and the Dream
Martin Luther King: "I have a Dream"
King (2 copies)
Race: The Power of an Allusion
Black is…Black Aint
Inroads, Vault
Holland, Tanya
Jenkins, Wilson, Mao, Alvarez and Rollins
Bolden, Tonya
Hakim, Joy
Hornsby, Alton
Gettings, John
The Complete Blue Eyed with Jane Elliot
Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving
Color of Fear 3 (2 copies)
The Color Purple
Reading from voices of A People's History of the US
Stomp the Yard
The Kite Runner
The Great Debaters
But I'm a Cheerleader
Coming Out in Rural America
Two Brother and Two Others
Being Gay - Coming Out in the 21st Century
The Coming Out Process
Far From Heaven
60 Minutes: The Science of Sleep
Historic Civil Rights and Racism Films
Tim Wise: "Race is not a Card"
Raisin in the Sun
Hitville USA
The 100,000 Pyramid
Match Game
The Ungame
Stir Fry Seminars
Non-violent Politically Correct War