Region 1
2013 Mentor of the Year Award
The Mentor of the Year award was established to recognize Fellows of the Royal College in good standing
who have had a significant impact on the career development of students, residents and/or Fellows. The
nominee must have demonstrated their ability to be an excellent role model in demonstrating the qualities
or competencies of a ‘professional’ as described in the CanMEDS framework.
General Policies
The nominee must be a Fellow of the Royal College in good standing.
A minimum of three (3) and a maximum of five (5) nominations are required to support each
nominee. At least two nominators must be Fellows of the Royal College in good standing.
Previous recipients are not eligible to be nominated in the future.
Self –nominations will not be accepted.
Close-relation (for example a spouse, sibling, parent, grandparent or child) nominations will not be
There will only be one recipient of the Mentor of the Year Award per region.
A sub-committee of the Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) will be created each year to adjudicate
the nominations and select the recipients.
The RAC Chair or other RAC member will present the award to the recipient at the chosen event.
The Office of Professional Affairs will work with the recipient (or representative) to arrange to
present the award (plaque) at an appropriate event.
Nomination Process
Nominators must identify a lead nominator who will be responsible for submitting the nominations
package (minimum of three, maximum of five nominations) electronically in one pdf (or as attachments in
one email). Each nominator must complete a nomination form, as part of the overall nominations
Deadline for submitting nomination forms :
Friday, March 1, 2013, 5 :00 pm EST
Region 1
2013 Mentor of the Year Award
This nomination form has been created as an Adobe PDF fillable form file. To view, complete, save and print this form, you will need Adobe Reader.
This software can be obtained free for Mac and PC users from the following site:
Name of Nominee:
Nominee’s email address:
Name of Nominator:
Nominator’s email address: ___________________________________________________
Length of time Nominator has known the Nominee:
_____ years
Please tick any applicable CanMEDS mentoring traits, and provide examples (mandatory).
 Demonstrates leadership by:
 chairing/participating effectively in committees and meetings
 leading/implementing a change in health care
 planning relevant elements of health care delivery (e.g. work schedules)
 Role models by:
 exhibiting appropriate professional behaviour in practice including honesty, integrity,
commitment, compassion, respect and altruism
 demonstrating a commitment to delivering the highest quality care and maintenance
of competence
 recognizing and appropriately responding to ethical issues encountered in practice
 balancing personal and professional priorities to ensure personal health and a
 sustainable practice
 Helps people acquire knowledge, experience and confidence by:
 facilitating learning of students, residents and other health professionals
 collaborating to identify the learning needs and desired learning outcomes
of others
 selecting effective teaching strategies and content to facilitate others’ learning
 assisting in assessing and reflecting on a teaching/learning encounter
 providing effective feedback
How has your relationship with the Nominee impacted your career?
Note to Lead nominator:
Please send completed nomination forms in one pdf, or as attachments in one email
(electronically or fax only) to :
Dr. Roger Turnell, Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) 1, Chair
Email: [email protected] or Fax: 613-730-2410
Contact: Ms. Kora McNulty, Administrative Coordinator, Membership Services
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 1-800-668-3740 Ext 173 / 613 – 260- 4173