Download: Eng.Yossof Tarek Abualezz

Name: Yossof Tarek Mohammed Abualezz Alsayed
Address: 32 Al-haram street, Giza
Mobile: 0163336124
Tel: 0233826715
Marital state: married
Military service: performed
Able to teach courses in electronics, communications, computer and biomedical
Engineering departments.
G r a d u a t e i n h i g he r t e ch no l o g i ca l i ns ti tu t e
Biomedical engineering department, August 2005
Graduation degree: Very good (79.4%)
Grade Point average: 3.22
Project degree: Excellent
Graduation project: Defibrillator( Dc shock)
Pre-master: In biomedical engineering from faculty of engineering – Cairo
Master of Science: 2009-up to date in (Speech recognition using vector
Summer training in:
First training : Al-haram hospital
F o r a l l de p a r t m en t s o f ho s pi ta l s tr a i ne d
I n s t r u m en ta ti o n , p r e v e n ti v e m a i nt e na n c e a nd co mm o n
t r o ub l es ho o t.
 Second training: Bahgat group
B i o m ed i c a l el e c tr o ni cs a n d me a s u r em e nts
Third training: Bahgat group
B i o m ed i c a l i ns tr u m e nt a t i o n f o r :
D e nt a l un i t , U l tr a s o u n d a n d X - r a y
Fourth training: Bahgat group
Equipment maintenance for:
D e nta l u n i t , U l tr a s o u n d a n d X - r a y
Military service: 2007-2008 radiotherapy dept. in medical compound for
armed forces in maadi (military service performance). Worked as a
biomedical engineer supervisor for linear accelerators and its planning and
control room.
Assistant in academic staff of biomedical engineering department in Higher
Technological Institute from January 2006 up to date except military service
Teach the following courses:
1. Electronic devices and circuits.
2. Probability theory and random signals.
3. Sampling theory and modulation.
4. Signal analysis and processing.
5. Digital communication systems.
6. C++ programming.
 Computer
MS office.
MATLAB basics.
Digital Image processing using MATLAB.
C++ programming certified.
 Languages
English: excellent read and write
Speaking is very good.
Dutch: very good read and write
Speaking is fair.