Molecules of Inheritance


Molecules of Inheritance

Explore the different areas and activities and use the information to answer the following questions.


What are the base paring rules for DNA? 2.

How is DNA replicated? Try building a DNA molecule and then scroll down to see how your body does it. 3.

The two-step process by which cells read a gene and produce a string of amino acids that will eventually become a protein is called: ______________________________and _______________________________ 4.

Transcribe and Translate a Gene. a.

How is mRNA different for DNA? (hint, scroll down and read the side bar on this page for help) b.

What is the correct starting [position for translation? c.

Write the amino acids used to assemble the protein you just built in order below. d.

Where does translation take place? 5.

Once assembled, what is the key to a protein’s unique function? 6.

Explain What Makes a Firefly Glow using all of the words below RNA Polymerase LUC gene Translation Amino Acids Functional Luciferase Enzyme Transcription mRNA Luciferin Oxyluciferin Luciferase Enzyme three dimensional Ribosome