Street Address
City, PA
September 1, 2011
Dear Representative,
I am writing to ask your support of HB 1717, a bill that would provide licensure for naturopathic
physicians in Pennsylvania. HB 1717 was introduced by Representative Mark Mustio (Republican-Moon
Twp) on June 23, 2011 and sent to the House Professional Licensure Committee. Passage of this bill
would allow naturopathic physicians to practice to the fullest scope of their education and training. This
bill would facilitate integrating naturopathic physicians into the Board of Medicine.
Licensing naturopathic physicians is a cost-effective way to reduce the burden of chronic disease
in Pennsylvania, especially in light of the physician shortage that exists in this state. Naturopathic
doctors’ focus on therapeutic life changes is particularly timely given today’s epidemic of chronic
diseases brought on by poor diet, sedentary lifestyles and high stress. Ample evidence exists to
substantiate the role of naturopathic therapies in preventing or delaying the onset of chronic diseases such
as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancer and arthritis. The patients of Pennsylvania Naturopathic
Doctors deserve access to care these doctors can provide. And the State of Pennsylvania needs quality
care providers who will reduce the burden of chronic disease.
As a healthcare consumer, I feel it is in my best interest o have access to qualified Naturopathic
Doctors in coordination with my medical care. It has been my experience that naturopathic doctors really
listen and take the time to know you, as an individual. Their commitment to addressing the cause of my
problems and not just providing symptom relief is a welcome change from my experience with medical
doctors, who tend to rush through visits and provide impersonal service.
Passage of HB 1717 would ensure that educational guidelines are followed, promoting the highest
quality of naturopathic services for Pennsylvania residents, by licensing naturopathic doctors who have
completed a four-year, graduate level medical school program, passed board exams, and who meet
federally recognized standards of education. Licensure would also bring naturopathic physicians into the
professional wellness community, allowing improved communication among various practitioners,
including physicians.
It is important that legislators become informed regarding the benefits and public demand for
complimentary alternative modalities and their healthcare value in delivering safe, effective, and
economical treatments. Ideally, medical doctors and naturopathic doctors would work in collaboration to
deliver quality patient care.
Please support HB 1717 by signing on as a sponsor so that Pennsylvania will continue to be
progressive in healthcare delivery while meeting the public demand for these services.
Thank you in advance for reading this letter and for your public service.
Respectfully yours,