Ancient Egypt Mini Project Due Date – Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ancient Egypt Mini Project
Due Date – Thursday, December 1, 2011
There are three major components of this project! All three are required for full
credit on this project.
1. A written paper, including a bibliography – typed or hand-written in blue or
black ink
2. A visual representation of your research – poster, model, PowerPoint, map,
3. An oral presentation of your research – speak to your PowerPoint slides,
your poster, your model, your map, etc.
Project Description – Pick a topic of interest about Ancient Egypt to research and
report on. You will be required to include at least five interesting and important
pieces of information on your topic with your project. Don’t stop at five though.
Include as much information as you need to in order to make your project the
best it can be.
As you research your topic you will be required to record your facts and
information on 3x5 note cards. You will use the note cards to organize your
information so you can transfer it to your final project. The note cards should also
be used to assist you during your oral presentation. You will be required to record
the source of your information on the back of each note card so you can easily
transfer that information to your bibliography. Source information will serve as
your bibliography for this project. I will assist you in recording your source
information correctly. You will be required to use a minimum of three sources
for your project. At least one of your sources must be a print source and should
include materials such as books, magazine articles, etc. Electronic sources will
include websites, documentary films, etc. See me if you questions about source
Your final project can be a product of your choice. Project ideas include: Posters,
brochures, PowerPoint presentations, newspapers, models, costumes, diagrams,
etc. etc.
You will be required to present your project to the class. You will have five
minutes to make your oral presentation.
Projects will be assessed according to the criteria in the rubric. The project will be
worth a total of 100 points.
The project goal is to teach your audience (me and your fellow students)
something about Ancient Egypt. Be specific with your information. Don’t assume
we know this topic.
Project Tip: Don’t try to do too much with your topic. If you get too broad with
your topic your project will lack focus and purpose. Try to narrow things down
and be an expert in one specific area of your research.
Have fun and do your very best work!
Mr. Poukey
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