Student Learning Coordinator - Peer Education & Retention Programs

Nipissing University
Student Learning Coordinator, Peer Education and Retention Programs
Student Development and Services
Coordinator B
WG 60
Full-Time Contract
Manager, Student Learning and Transitions
May 2015
The Student Learning Coordinator plays a critical and supportive role in strengthening departmental efforts to
provide quality academic coaching and promote students’ personal and academic success. This position
supports an innovative and holistic approach to providing students with the assistance, guidance, and
resources necessary to be successful.
The primary functions of the Student Learning Coordinator are to foster a successful transition to the university
environment, encourage students’ engagement with academics, and promote timely degree completion. The
Student Learning Coordinator works directly with students in order to encourage academic success by
developing, implementing and monitoring individualized academic learning plans.
The Student Learning Coordinator’s duties include: coaching students toward academic recovery or to an
academic goal, connecting students to faculty, developing supportive peer-to-peer learning communities,
maintaining student records, interacting with faculty members, and partnering with campus offices.
I. Student Academic Support Programs, Initiatives, and Services
The Student Learning Coordinator will promote student retention, success, and timely graduation through a
variety of programs, initiatives, and services.
 Coordinate peer-to-peer education programs including Peer Tutoring, the Academic Skills Drop-In Centre,
as well as the Athlete Academic Success Program and Academic Success Program
 Oversee the recruitment and ongoing supervision of student Peer Educator roles to support the function of
these programs (e.g. Peer Tutors, Academic Success Coaches)
 Collaborate with Residence Life in support of the Academic Don Programming Model for residents
 Participate in campus-wide intervention strategies to assist students on academic probation and students
determined to be “at-risk” and recommend appropriate educational courses of action based upon the
results of consultation and assessment procedures
 Represent the Student Learning and Transitions team at appropriate partner department meetings (e.g.
Residence Life, Athletics), communicating the ongoing results of relevant associated programs and leading
program review processes
 Collaborate on the development of individualized learning plans and assess student’s progress on a regular
basis (short- and long-term)
 Establish and maintain individual student service records (including intake and consent forms, learning plans,
and the Peer Tutoring database) in collaboration with the Secretary
 Develop, utilize, and share best practices that combine professional standards, departmental-specific
knowledge, and a campus-wide perspective
Develop and maintain detailed knowledge of campus and community resources
Plan and implement subject-specific and/or skill-specific supported learning groups, workshops, and tutorials
designed to enhance students’ academic skills based on individual remedial action, education plans, or
requests from faculty, staff, or student groups
Create, revise, and maintain self-guided learning resources in paper and electronic formats
Develop familiarity with issues certain populations may face (varsity student-athletes, non-traditional
students, students of colour, first generation students, transfer students, Crown Ward students, etc.) and
incorporate this perspective into developmental advising approaches
Design and implement opportunities to engage students and faculty in mentoring and advising relationships
as well as faculty research
Support department coordinated transition and retention programs including Student Success Workshops
and the Record of Student Development
II. Department Outreach, Assessment, and Evaluation
Ensure regular and ongoing assessment of all programs, initiatives, and services offered in association with
the role; including consulting with various stakeholders in program development and assessment when
Assist in advancing the communication goals of the department by disseminating crucial information and
resources through online, written, verbal communications
Compile data to inform and support development of various strategic initiatives
Participate in committees and working groups to assist the development of projects through
knowledge of, and by presenting information about, student learning and transition issues
Pursue ongoing professional development including conferences and remaining up-to-date about student
issues and programs through association membership, journal subscriptions, research, and communication
with other student affairs practitioners
Support proactive outreach initiatives to increase awareness of the various programs, initiatives, and services
offered by the Student Learning and Transitions department and Student Development and Services division
Organize and facilitate various activities targeting the diverse student groups on campus
Other duties as assigned.
Bachelor of Education degree or equivalent combination of education and experience. TESL/TESOL
Certification an asset.
Formal training and/or education in at least one of the following areas: higher education, student affairs,
leadership development, facilitation or conflict resolution preferred.
1-3 years experience in a student support unit associated with academic courses and skill development, as well
as program development and delivery through a combination of student affairs, campus or community
organizations. Experience working with student-athletes is considered an asset.
Training and/or experience may be substituted for formal academic training at the discretion of the University.
Skills and Abilities:
Understand rules and regulations for Ontario University Athletics (OUA) and Canadian Interuniversity Sport
(CIS) eligibility.
Ability to work well under independent initiative, energetically, and with university students.
In-depth understanding of campus organizations and University policies and procedures related to
academics, student life, and activities.
Extensive knowledge in the practical application of student development and learning theory.
Experience in facilitating partnerships with constituents from a variety of institutional functional areas
(students, student leaders, staff, faculty and administration).
Comfortable working in an unpredictable and often stressful environment.
Ability to interact, communicate, and build partnerships with students, parents, University staff, and faculty.
Good organizational, interpersonal, conflict mediation, troubleshooting, and problem solving skills.
Experience with emerging technologies, Computer-Assisted Instruction (CAI) software, and effective
leveraging of social media.
Experience conducting academic research.
Demonstrated knowledge of customer service and information communication standards of practice in
accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).
Thorough knowledge of the University’s procedures as they relate to the Freedom of Information and
Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) and management of confidential student information an asset.
Skill in observing and evaluating the outcomes of a problem to identify the key issues or redirect efforts.
Supervised by: Manager, Student Learning and Transitions
Students (prospective and current)
Nipissing University Student Union (NUSU)
Departments within the division of Student Development and Services
Registrar’s Office (including Academic Advising services)
Harris Learning Library
Academic Departments (including Deans)
Universities and Colleges (academic skill and support program practitioners and administrators)
College Educators International (ACPA), Canadian Association of College and University Student Services
(CACUSS), and Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA)
Nipissing University and Student Development and Services Strategic Plan
Student Learning and Transitions Department Policies, Procedures and Expectations
Nipissing University Academic Calendar
Computer workstation including various software applications
NASPA (Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education)/ACPA (College Student Educators International)
Professional Competencies
ACPA Ethical Principles and Standards
CACUSS (Canadian Association of College and University Student Services) Statement of Guiding Principles
CAS (Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education) standards for Learning Assistance
Moderate to high demand on visual and mental concentration
Sitting for long periods, some standing and carrying materials
Hours of work are flexible to meet the needs of the student population; this includes regular evenings and
occasional weekends. Advance notice will be provided in these circumstances in alignment with the OPSEU
Collective Agreement.
I have read my position description and it has been reviewed with my supervisor. I understand what my duties
and functions are, and I will carry out all of my responsibilities as herein described.
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