“Capture” the Volcano Justin Fung “This is your Captain speaking

“Capture” the Volcano
Justin Fung
“This is your Captain speaking,” said the plane’s captain. “We’re going to
have an emergency landing on the ocean.” There were four passengers on the
light aircraft; they were photographer Jim, Ben, Sam and Julian. They were on
a trip to Indonesia. Their mission was to take photos of the volcanoes.
Suddenly, a volcano erupted and the plane was trapped in the clouds of
ash! The engine was spitting dust and the plane started to fall.
Jim mumbled, “I am going to die, I am going to die!”
Ben asked Julian to give him a sheet of paper and a pen to write a will and
he was so nervous. Sam trembled. When the plane was about to dive into the
water, they together shouted, “Ah!” Splash! The plane flopped on the water.
Luckily, they were all safe.
At last, two rescue ships came by and picked them up and
brought them back to Indonesia. After a few days, they
continued their mission and that might be another
thrilling, memorable journey.