Booking an Acorn Antics Party Select your Theme

Booking an Acorn Antics Party
1. Select your Theme
Our parties use bushcraft tools, natural materials, fire and the outdoor woodland space to facilitate a wide
variety of activities.
All our parties include
Using a Fire Striker
Lighting a Fire for Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows
Den Building
Woodland Games suited to the theme chosen
We have a number of themes to choose from, the additional activities they include are noted below.
Fairies and Elves
Magic Wands and Potions
Approx age range 4-6
Witches and Wizards
Magic Wands, Potions and Broomsticks
Approx age range 4-6
Princesses and Knights
Swords, Flags and Jewellery
Approx Age range 4- 8
Swords and Flags
Approx age range 4-8
Team games and Den Building
Knot tying and Team work skills
Approx Age range 6-11
Fire Lighting and Den Building in depth
Approx Age 6-11
May – October only
Naturally Creative 1
Minibeast Hunt, Mud animal creation
Approx age range 4-8
Naturally Creative 2
Crafting outdoors with Natural materials
Approx age range 8 -11
We are always flexible and will adapt to suit the children, the adults, the weather and the circumstances
we find on the day to ensure that a great party is had by all.
2. Select the Party Package
Standard Party – £ 160 - 2 ½ hours Available at Guisborough Forest only
We provide the woodland setting, one qualified practitioner, all equipment apart from personnel clothing,
a hot drink (Hot chocolate or juice) and snack (Marshmallows and Biscuits) for up to 15 children. We advise
this number as it allows for great access to the activities we provide, making the party special for those
children attending and for Health and Safety reasons.
You are asked to ensure that there is a minimum of 1 adult attending for every 5 children for H&S reasons,
we also ask that you try to encourage some parents to not attend as a maximum of 1 adult to 3 children is
recommended to ensure all attending get full access to the activities.
Deluxe Party – £185 – 3 hours Available at Guisborough Forest or Burn Wood
As for the standard party Acorn Antics will supply drinks in the form of hot chocolate, water or juice. We
will also provide: cheese and tomato pizza, hot dogs (tinned sausages to ensure cooking) bread buns and
tomato ketchup, marshmallows and biscuits. Should you wish to supply and additional items that do not
require cooking please feel free. Please also feel free to bring a cake into the woods although it is some
distance from the car park so please ensure it is easily transportable and well wrapped up, candle lighting
can be somewhat of a challenge!
We can accommodate different dietary requirements, please let us know at time of booking, an additional
charge may be required depending on the request.
3. Select the Venue
Guisborough Forest and Walkway TS14 8HD
A Public woodland owned by the Forestry Commission and Redcar and Cleveland council that we have
permission to use. There is a visitor centre with toilets, railway carriage for hire, café for parents not
attending the party or you can book a party tea package through us with them.
Burn Wood Yarm
TS16 0QQ
Fantastic private woodland perfect for a back to nature experience. A real adventure awaits no permanent
facilities so it’s a portable toilet (behind a tarpaulin) and tarpaulins for shelter. Not suitable for the under 5’s
due to the walk from the car park and no tracks within the woodland.
4. Choose your optional extras
Additional Children
We can accommodate larger groups at a cost of £15 extra per child up to a maximum of 20 children at all
venues, we need to know final numbers at least 2 days before the party.
Hire out the Railway Carriage (Guisborough Forest only) – we can arrange to book this great indoor venue
for you, to use to eat your party tea in (this you can bring yourself or book through us with the Branchway
café). £12.50 per hour.
Branchway Café Party Tea Package (Guisborough Forest only) – we can arrange for the following party
food options which you could eat in the carriage or as a picnic outside once the outdoor Acorn Antics Party
has finished. Please note due to the capacity of the café it would not be possible to eat your party tea in
the café itself. See price list .
Prices are per child
Menu A - £2.50
Menu B - £4.50
Menu C - £2.50
Menu D - £4.00
Menu E - £4.95
Sausage Sandwich
or Sandwich
(choose from
cheese, ham, tuna
or egg)
Fruit Shoot
(choose from
cheese, ham,
tuna or egg)
Fruit Shoot
Tray Bake
Cheese Burger
Fruit Shoot
Jacket Potato
with Cheese,
Salad & Coleslaw
Barbecue Mix
which includes:
Crusty Roll
Coke or Fanta
Coke or Fanta
Tray Bake
5. Contact us to book a date
Complete our enquiry form or call us to discuss your requirements and preferred dates.
6. We’ll be in touch by phone to confirm your requirements then send you written
We’ll send you a confirmation letter, an invite to print off and a fact sheet which should answer any
questions that may occur to you whilst you wait for your party.