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Biographical Sketch: Malin L. Pinsky
Professional Preparation
Williams College, MA
Stanford University, CA
Princeton University, NJ
Biology & Environmental Studies
Climate & ecology
A.B. 2003
Ph.D. 2011
Postdoc, 2011-2013
Assistant Professor, Department of Ecology, Evolution, & Natural Resources, and
Institute of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, Rutgers University, NJ
David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellow, Princeton University, NJ
Conservation Science Associate, Wild Salmon Center, OR
Most Related
Pinsky, M. L., H. Montes, Jr., and S. R. Palumbi (2010) Using isolation-by-distance and effective density
to estimate dispersal scales in anemonefish. Evolution 64(9): 2688-2700 doi:10.1111/j.15585646.2010.01003.x
Pinsky, M. L., S. R. Palumbi, S. Andréfouët, S. Purkis (2012) Open and closed seascapes: where does
habitat patchiness create populations with low immigration? Ecological Applications 22(4): 1257-1267
Fuller, E., E. Brush, and M. L. Pinsky (2015) The persistence of populations facing climate shifts and
harvest. Ecosphere
Pinsky, M. L. and S. R. Palumbi (2014) Meta-analysis reveals lower genetic diversity in overfished
populations. Molecular Ecology 23: 29-39 doi: 10.1111/mec.12509
Pinsky, M. L., S. Newsome, B. R. Dickerson, Y. Fang, M. van Tuinen, D. Kennett, R. R. Ream, and E.
A. Hadly (2010) Migration, population structure, and resilience to disturbance: using the past to predict
the future. Molecular Ecology 19: 2418-2429 doi:10.1111/j.1365-294X.2010.04671.x
Other Significant
Pinsky, M. L., B. Worm, M. J. Fogarty, J. L. Sarmiento, and S. A. Levin (2013) Marine taxa track local
climate velocities. Science 341: 1239-1242 doi: 10.1126/science.1239352
Pinsky, M. L., O. P. Jensen, D. Ricard, and S. R. Palumbi (2011) Unexpected patterns of fisheries
collapse in the world’s oceans. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108(20): 8317-8322
McCauley, D. J., M. L. Pinsky, J. A. Estes, S. R. Palumbi, and R. R. Warner (2015) Marine defaunation:
the past, present, and future of animal loss in the global ocean. Science 347: 1255641 doi:
Pinsky, M. L. and D. Byler. (2015) Fishing, fast growth, and climate variability increase the risk of
collapse. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
de Bruyn, M., M. L. Pinsky, B. Hall, P. Koch, C. Baroni, and A. R. Hoelzel. (2014) Rapid increase in
southern elephant seal genetic variation after a founder event. Proceedings of the Royal Society B:
Biological Sciences 281: 20133078 doi :10.1098/rspb.2013.3078
Synergistic Activities
Organizer, “Climate and beyond: cumulative impacts on species range shifts.” Symposium
at the Ecological Society of America meeting, Sacramento, CA.
Co-Instructor, Workshop on Building Personal and Collective Leadership Capacity in
Conservation, International Congress on Conservation Biology, Baltimore, MD
Co-organizer, “Climate and Fisheries: Responses of a Socio-Ecological System to Global
Change,” American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting, St. Paul, MN
Member, National Climate Assessment (,
Ecosystem Services Technical Input Team
Co-founder & Senior Articles Editor, Stanford Journal of Law, Science, and Policy
Collaborators & Other Affiliations
Collaborators & Co-Editors (68 total)
K. Able (Rutgers), F. Altermatt (Eawag), S. Andréfouët (Institute de Recherche pour le Developpement),
K. Arkema (Stanford), C. Aslan (Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum), C. Baroni (U. di Pisa), D. Barshis
(Old Dominion U.), M. Beck (The Nature Conservancy), J. Bernhardt (U. British Columbia), M. de
Bruyn (U. Bangor), F. Chan (Oregon State U.), K. Chan (U. British Columbia), E. Fenichel (Yale), J.
Fodrie (U. North Carolina at Chapel Hill), M. Fogarty (NOAA), G. Gelfenbaum (USGS), G. Geller
(NASA/JPL), E. Girvetz (The Nature Conservancy), B. Gold (Moore Foundation), D. Goodrich (USDA),
G. Guannel (Stanford), A. Guerry (Stanford), B. S. Halpern (UC-Santa Barbara), J. Hare (NOAA), A. R.
Hoelzel (U. Durham), O. P. Jensen (Rutgers), P. Kareiva (The Nature Conservancy), C. Kennedy (George
Mason U.), C.-K. Kim (Inha U.), H. Kim (Stony Brook U.), P. Koch (UC-Santa Cruz), K. Kroeker (UCDavis), B. Labiosa (USGS), S. Lester (UC-Santa Barbara), P. Levin (NOAA), S. Levin (Princeton), C.
Logan (CSU-Monterey Bay), M. Marsik (NOAA), V. Matzek (Santa Clara U.), B. McCay (Rutgers), M.
McField (Healthy Reefs), E. Nelson (Bowdoin College), J. Nye (Stony Brook U.), M. O’Connor (U.
British Columbia), J. Olson (NOAA), S. Palumbi (Stanford), M. Papenfus (EPA), M. Plummer (NOAA),
S. Polasky (U. Minnesota), S. Purkis (Nova Southeastern U.), W. Reid (Packard Foundation), M.
Ruckelshaus (Stanford), P. Ruggiero (Oregon State U.), M. Ryan (U. Washington), J. Sarmiento
(Princeton), M. Saunders (Santa Clara U.), R. Seagraves (MAFMC), E. Selig (Conservation
International), D. Semmens (USGS), S. Souther (U. Wisconsin), K. St. Martin (Rutgers), D. Sutherland
(NOAA), H. Tallis (The Nature Conservancy), K. Terrell (Smithsonian), J. Toft (Stanford), J. Watson
(Stockholm U.), S. Wood (Stanford), B. Worm (Dalhousie)
Graduate Advisors and Postdoctoral Sponsors (6 total)
M. Beck (The Nature Conservancy), M. Fogarty (NOAA), P. Kareiva (The Nature Conservancy), S.
Levin (Princeton), S. Palumbi (Stanford), J. Sarmiento (Princeton)
Thesis Advisor and Postgraduate-Scholar Sponsor (6 total)
R. Batt (Rutgers), P. Flanagan (Rutgers), J. Hoey (Rutgers), J. Morley (Rutgers), P. Neubauer (Dragonfly
Science), B. Selden (Rutgers)
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