Programme of Study – Key Stage 3 – ENGLISH

Programme of Study – Key Stage 3 – ENGLISH
At Key Stage 3, students explore a host of musical genres and styles practically through performance, composition,
listening and appraising. Students use their voice, percussion instruments, keyboards, music technology and their own
instrumental disciplines to succeed and develop as musicians.
Year 7
Keyboard and voice – explore the elements of music through the piano keyboard and voice.
Music Tech – compose and sequence work on Cubase.
The Orchestra – Recognise and use the instruments of the orchestra to compose music.
Windband l – begin to explore brass and woodwind instruments – beginning with quality of sound.
Windband ll – Begin to play notes on a given brass or woodwind instrument.
Windband lll – Perform melodies on a given brass or woodwind instrument.
Year 8
Blues – play and record a twelve bar blues.
Baroque Remix – learn the melody and chords of Pachelbel’s Canon and use this to create a remix of the piece.
Music for Film – identify different techniques used in film composition and use this knowledge to compose a piece
of music for a scene in a film, using Cubase to compose and record.
Playing the Guitar – learn how to play the guitar and work towards playing a basic piece of music
Gamelan – explore, rehearse and play the music of the Gamelan and the instruments associated with it.
Theme and Variation – perform a piece of music using the theme and variation structure.
Year 9
Drumming – understand the importance of pulse in music and explore the percussive instruments of Africa, India
and Latin America. Explore call and response with vocals and percussion.
The Voice – experimenting with melodies, bassline and vocal percussion parts.
Stomp – create an instrument from an everyday item and use this to compose and perform an original piece of
STOMP music.
Pop Song l – compose a chord structure for the basis of a song.
Pop Song ll – compose a bassline to accompany the chord structure using Cubase to edit and change ideas.
Pop Song lll – compose a melody to finish the composition of our pop song.
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