Early Intervention child and family single assessment checklist

Early Intervention Child & Family Single Assessment Checklist
Complete the pre-assessment Checklist to determine if an EI Child & Family
Single Assessment should take place
You identify unmet needs/concerns of a child you are working with.
Explain to the parent/carer/young person the reason why the assessment or
EI panel referral will help you better understand what their needs are and tell
other professionals information without the family having to repeat their story
again. Explain the Lead Professional role.
Obtain written consent and explain reasons why this is needed to help you
gather information from other people who are already involved with the
child/family and who may need to become involved in the future.
Contact the Early Intervention Assessment Coordinator or Business support
to ensure that the child has not already an open Single Assessment with
Early Intervention/ Children Social Care.
Gather information from other professionals to build a clear picture of the
needs of the family and incorporate this information to the particular sections
of the form.
The voice of the child should be evident within the assessment and TAC
meetings. The child Booklet 7-11 years / Calderdale Communication toolkit
can be used to communicate and engage with children and young people.
Meet with the parent/carer, young person or child to complete the
assessment and agree actions to address the identified unmet needs
The assessment should be completed within 15 days of obtaining consent.
This is to ensure that support for the family is identified in a timely manner
and prevents the situation from deteriorating
Centrally log your assessment with the Early Intervention Business Support
or by inputting the information yourself on the early intervention electronic
The assessment MUST be stored centrally and shared with the
parent/carer/young person and professionals you are inviting to the first
TAC. See TAC Meeting Checklist
At point of closure agree with family and TAC members that the TAC’s can
be closed
Complete Evaluation Impact Tool, reasons for closure and feedback section
and return to the EI Assessment/Business Support so that the Assessment
can be closed and information recorded for data purposes