Multilingual Ontology Extraction

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Dr. Robert Ross
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Applied Intelligence Research Centre
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Computational Linguistics
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Multilingual Ontology Extraction
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Lightweight ontologies and taxonomies provide human and machine understandable descriptions of
domains. While ontologies can be manually constructed - and frequently are - the manual construction
process is slow and error prone. The automatic and semi-automatic construction of ontologies for specific
domains provides a practical balance between thorough manual construction methods and automated
methods. The goal of this project is to investigate the human-in-the loop as an expert who can review and
improve ontology contents. Rather than focus on universal ontologies, we will examine the use of humanin-the-loop ontology construction in well defined ontology domains such as food types. This project will
also look at the difficulties encountered in learning ontologies from free text in under resourced language
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Min 2.1 Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or Related Discipline.
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