clinical social worker-entry level/intern (42s1)

1. MSW, and only an MSW; no other Master’s degree is accepted.
2. Clinical experience, such as face to face individual, couple, family, and group therapeutic
3. Knowledge and diagnostic use of the DSM IV TR (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for
Mental Disorders).
4. Working knowledge/course work in the areas of mental health, domestic violence and/or
drug/alcohol issues.
5. Clinical, mental health or family & children track
a) Excludes administrative and/or community focus
6. Practicum’s offer education/exposure to assessing, treatment planning and therapeutic
7. Knowledge of specific evidence based therapies. Candidates should be able to talk
about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused, Prolonged Exposure, Systems
1. Prefer 1 year post MSW clinical experience
a) Will consider an applicant if already active duty in other career fields who have
obtained an MSW or:
b) Has significant para-professional mental health work experience prior to attaining
an MSW
2. Experience with diverse, direct clinical care with adults is preferred (Dual Diagnosis,
complicated case care, etc)
a) These experiences may be found in community mental health settings,
inpatient/out patient psychiatric facility, private practice, correctional and health
and human services.
b) School social work, guidance counselors or strictly case managers are NOT
preferred candidates because these work settings do not provide opportunities to
have the necessary clinical experiences.
42S1 Position Description:
Air Force clinical social workers make a difference in the quality of life of the Air Force
community. Air Force social workers work with individuals, families, and groups of people of all
ages. In addition to direct therapy work with patients, they supervise their social work staff as
they provide social services and prepare case histories. They coordinate social services
activities and maintain liaison with military and civilian resources, making sure eligible people
have access to the health, education, and welfare services they need. Air Force clinical social
workers are involved in conducting and participating in research and training. Once at an
independent level, major commands, volunteers and other agencies will consult them for their
expertise in social service matters. If new social service programs need to be started, they will
be involved. During emergency or combat conditions they use their skills treating psychological
Send all interview requests to the Social Work Consultant who will coordinate the
interview with the designated interviewer of his choice.
Unique Clinical Social Work Benefits:
-Deployments offer the opportunity to do pure social work
-Opportunities to rehabilitate military members affected by the stress of war and other
-Actively attribute to the psychological health of the fighting forces
-You have equal opportunity to be appointed Department Director managing a multidisciplinary
outpatient mental health service for the military community. This service includes psychologists,
psychiatrists, social workers, nurse practitioners, and paraprofessional technicians
-The Air Force offers a salary and benefit package (to include a retirement plan) exceeding a
majority of private sectors
-Opportunities for educational advancement competing for military funded PhD scholarships and
career broadening fellowships
AFPC combined with the Social Work Consultant will determine which internship slot the
applicant will attend. The residency locations are at Travis AFB, Andrews AFB, Eglin AFB or
Wright-Patterson AFB.
For more information please contact your local Air Force Recruiter:
Eduardo Vela
Staff Sergeant, USAF
Air Force Allied Health
333 Sunset Ave., Ste. 200
Suisun City, CA 94585
(707) 423-4066
[email protected]