Ocean Youth Lacrosse Board Member Area Of Responsibility The

Ocean Youth Lacrosse Board Member Area Of Responsibility
The responsibility of being a Board Member is to help grow and manage the Ocean LAX Boys program. Board members will have areas that they are responsible
and accountable for. Owning an area does not mean the individual needs to do everything; instead, it means they are responsible and accountable to lead and
organize the activities by getting other board members involved as well as parents.
 George Alto
Financial Management/Payments
 Kelly Terry
 Kelly Terry
Corporate Sponsorships
 Tom Daly
Field & Game Day Operations
 Field - Steve Meyer
 Game Day - Mike Reilly
 Tom Daly (initial)
 AJ Zimmerman (season/ongoing)
 Tom Daly
Ocean LAX Apparel Store
 Tom Daly
 Steve Meyer
 George Alto
Social Media
 Kelly Terry
Team Management
 To Be Determined
Graphics / Flyers
 Steve Myer
Fall LAX Under the Lights
 George Alto / Tom Daly
Lax Skills Training (Fall & Winter
 Steve Meyer
 Warren Towns
Recruiting is a year round responsibility that has to have Ocean LAX visible in town in as many areas as possible.
Responsible for coming up with new ways of promoting lacrosse in town to raise awareness and drive
requirement for spring season. and management recruiting for all Youth Levels.
Manage the Programs Books, report on Balance Sheet at board meetings, manage payments, file taxes, etc
Lead and management all fundraising activites:
 Canning at Shop Rite (start & end of season)
 Bids and Dibs Dash
Responsible for defining revenue opportunities that involves Corporate sponsorships. Also responsible for leading
the effort to get corporate sponsorships signed up and money collected.
Responsible for getting ready LAX fields for start of season (goals, nets, lining, balls, etc) as well as tearing down
fields for winter. In addition, responsibility include preparing fields for HOME games (balls, lining, score table, etc)
Responsibility includes getting the schedule establish for all teams (travel and rec teams). In addition, scheduling
involves working with other programs to confirm and resolve conflicts that can (will) occur throughout the season
do to miscommunications, rainouts, etc
Responsible for getting Uniforms designed, ordered, and ready for Spring Season, Also includes getting pinnies,
Responsible for getting parent input on apparel wants and then finding vendor(s) that can fulfill the needs.
Responsibility also includes getting board approval, getting apparel store open and manage fulfillment of orders.
Responsible for serving as main interface to referees for home games (get them assigned and paid) as well as
main interface for leagues we participate in.
Responsible for creating all content that appears on website. This includes setup/administration of registrations,
putting flyers on website, notices, etc. This does NOT include being interface to send emails out (see email
Responsible for determine the social media that our program will participate in and then getting it setup and
Responsible for being the main interface to team parents and parents of each team. Person will serve as point of
contact and will field question and help resolve team issues.
Design Ocean Youth Lax Logos and Graphics to use in the various Flyers, apparel, etc that are needed for
specific activity
Define, recruit, organize, and run the Fall LAX Under The Lights Program.
Run and perform the LAX core skills training for the following programs that serve as basis for recruiting:
 Fall "Under the Lights" training
 Winter "Beginner Program"