re enrollment letter 2015-2016 - Pivot Charter School, North Bay

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians of Pivot Charter School;
It is getting to be a very busy time of year. We have approximately 40 more school days left in this incredibly successful
year. It is very important that students finish the school year strong and complete as many courses as possible. Please
keep in mind that most high school students complete 25 credits, or five classes, on average, each semester. Please call
your Educational Coordinator if you would like to discuss how your student is progressing.
There are some important messages in this letter regarding the remainder of this year and next year, so please read
through everything thoroughly. We are excited to share some great changes that you will see in the upcoming school
In order to even further individualize our program for high school students, we have created separate academies in
which students will enroll based on their goals and interests.
UPREP Academy
The University Preparatory Academy requires the student to complete 220 credits to graduate. These graduation
requirements are aligned to Cal State Universities and the University of California A-G minimum requirements for
acceptance. Graduating from the UPREP Academy does not guarantee acceptance into any UC or CSU school. The
student who graduates from the UPREP academy will have met the minimum acceptance criteria. Students are
encouraged to take classes above the minimum requirements for entry into the University of California or Cal State
schools and are also encouraged to take Advanced Placement courses. UPREP students will continue to work in the
Apex Learning curriculum.
Liberal Arts Academy
The Liberal Arts Academy also requires the student to complete 220 credits to graduate. The course requirements are
NOT aligned to the University of CA or CSU requirements for admissions. Students who graduate from the Liberal Arts
Academy will still be eligible to attend many other four and two year colleges and Universities in CA and throughout the
country. The primary difference from the University Preparatory Academy is that since the focus is not on completing
the University of California A-G course requirements, students have more flexibility of which courses will meet their high
school diploma requirements. For example, all Pivot students must finish 2 years of science in order to receive a
diploma; one year of physical science and one in an earth science. University Prep students must take Biology, Chemistry
and sometimes Physics. Liberal Arts Academy students can substitute different courses to fulfill their science
requirements by taking rigorous courses such as Marine Biology or Paleontology. Liberal Arts Academy students will
continue to work in the Apex Learning curriculum.
All students in both academies are encouraged to take concurrent enrollment in community colleges.
We were very pleased with the implementation of the new curriculums. We will be making significant updates to the K-8
Compass Learning curriculum this summer to make it even stronger and better suited for our students. We will also be
adding many more electives for both middle and high school students in the upcoming school year.
Pivot Charter School / Roads Education Organization
If you have not visited our web pages, please take the time to view them as well as our Facebook pages. A few times a
month we post interesting articles about education, blended learning, study skills, college requirements and interesting
factoids. Please visit the sites to learn more about our schools, our Governing Board and see pictures of our students.
Attached you will find a re-enrollment form for this upcoming school year. If you are in good academic standing with
Pivot Charter School (making acceptable progress toward completing classes) and want to return next year, you must
complete this form to reserve your spot at Pivot Charter School. We would love to work with you another year!!
Returning Pivot students have priority enrollment until May 25, 2015. The form must be signed and returned in order to
be considered re-enrolled for the fall semester. Students who have been truant by not logging in and/or not completing
work may be ineligible to re-enroll. If you have any questions about eligibility, please speak with your Educational
As always, please contact your Educational Coordinator, Site Coordinator, or Lead Teacher if you have any questions. We
look forward to a very strong finish to the current school year and to an exciting transition to the upcoming school year
as well. Have a safe and wonderful summer!
Jayna Gaskell
Executive Director
[email protected]
Pivot Charter School / Roads Education Organization