Society for the Study of Curriculum History 2011 Meeting Iberville

Society for the Study of Curriculum History
2011 Meeting
Iberville Room: New Orleans Marriott; 555 Canal Street New Orleans, LA 70065
8:00 Geneser/King
8:20 Morgan
8:55 Brown, etal.
10:15 Kelly
10:35 Kish
10:55 Schertz
A Chronology of Empathy in Education: Illuminating the Evolution of Cultural
Sensitivity Towards Native Americans
A Tipi Next to a Totem Pole: The Inaccurate Portrayal of Native Americans in
Children's Literature
Symposium: From expectations to advancement: Curricular decisions in the struggle
for civil rights
Mine Safety Cars and Adult Education in First-Aid
A Curriculum for University Trustees: The Role of Trustees in Sustaining Institutional
History of Early Childhood: A Necessary Course for a Growing Profession
11:30 Kilinc/Schertz Modernity quest of Turkish elementary school curriculum:
11:50 Zayed
The Overwrought Significance of the Harvard Report:
1:50 Wraga
'The Agreements Were More Remarkable than the Disagreements': Tentative Insights
Into the Deliberations of the NSSE's Committee on Curriculum-Making.
Schism in the Schoolhouse: The Tenuous Relationship Between Social Scientists and
Educationists within the AHA Commission on the Social Studies
2:10 Schul
2:45 Evans
3:05 Johnson
3:25 Bisland
The Newer Social Studies of the 1960s: Forgotten Heyday of Postmodern School
More Than a Curricular Disturbance: The MACOS curriculum as educational change
An Overview of Social Studies in the Elementary School: 1950 to 2010
4:00 Davis, Jr./Wraga /Urban
Book Symposium: More Than Science and Sputnik: The National
Defense Education Act of 1958
5:00 PM
7:00 PM
Business Meeting
Group Dinner
Place to be announced
8:00 Winfield/Hendry Difficult Returns: Disrupting the Logic of Curriculum History
8:15 Alter
LGBT in the Curriculum: An Historic Development
8:35 Salmela
On the scholastic background of the Lockean concept of the knowing subject
9:10 Burlbaw/Waller/Unal Education of company children: CF&I and the Sociological Department
9:30 Beyer
Hawaiian Female Seminaries Contribution to Education
9:50 Jorgensen
John Dewey: A preoccupation with occupations
10:25 Deets
10:45 Groen
11:05 Metty
11:25 Kim
12:00 Adjournment
30 Years of Curriculum Change and Influence at the NC School of Science and
An Accountable Curriculum: ESEA, NCLB and the Consequences for Curriculum
Mandated District Curriculum Adoption: A Progression of Events & Process of
Historical Curriculum Study of 'International' versus 'Global' Education in the U.S.
* full details of program available at the meeting