Cognitive Acceleration through Science Education

Cognitive Acceleration through Science Education
This year, Marist College will begin a cognitive acceleration programme called Thinking Science with
the Year 7 cohort. In their science class, they will have one lesson per fortnight dedicated to this
curriculum. Thinking Science is evidence-based, carried over a two year period. The course is based
on cognitive acceleration research carried out in the UK which gave rise to the Cognitive
Acceleration through Science Education (CASE) programme. It has been shown to improve student
achievements in Science, Mathematics and English. John Hattie has highlighted that the Piagetian
methods employed by Thinking Science have a significant effect on student achievement. It raises
student’s general ability to think, that is, their ability to process information and develop thinking
that underpins all higher level understanding in science.
For further information, please contact Ms Sophie Basford, Science Department.