We-Cycle - East-West Center Environmental Leadership Institute

Project Title: We-cycle
Participant Name: Chia Wen Shin
1. Youth or environmental clubs
2. local pharmaceutical stores and General Merchandise Stores
Project Location: Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia
Target Group: Restaurant, High school students
Timeline: 1 July-30 September 2013 (3 months)
Challenge Statement:
Options for disposing of used cooking oil are limited yet difficult because the solid waste
regulations restrict the disposal of liquids in landfills. And subsequently unlawful disposal arises
which includes open burning and heating process using waste cooking oil that causes black
smokes, pouring down to kitchen sink or drains that can cling the insides of pipes and the sewer
system and eventually lead to unsanitary conditions and damages. All these has intensely
disrupted the ecological environment which not only hazardous to the marine life but also
leading to global warming.
Mission Statement:
To reduce or diminishes the water pollution within the local community whereby waste cooking
oil will no longer dispensed into drains that can intensified biodiversity in water. This also
provides an alternative channel to local communities to recycle the natural waste resources into
good use
Proposed Methodology:
1. Collect used cooking oil from local community that is close to targeted area.
2. Make it into soap by filter the oil and Saponification process.
3. Replace the harmful chemical sanitary soap within the community with a natural and
healthier handmade soap.
4. Profit that is congregated from the sales revenue will then contribute to a charitable
organization such as World Wildlife Fund to combat environmental related issue.
5. Conduct workshop to deliver cognizance and greater awareness significance to the local
community to ensure the value of conserve nature is reflected in decisions made by
individuals, communities, governments and businesses hence equipped them with an
additional knowledge to dispose waste material- used cooking oil to developed them
into soap.
Monitoring Approach:
Identify 5 sample restaurants which monthly sales between 8000 USD dollar to 10000 USD Dollar
and set up a partnership with them. All used cooking oil collected in the study shall be weighed
and the amount recorded over a period of 3 month. This itself would represent the amount of
used cooking oil disposed in an average 3 months, and how much this project is diverting from
the waste stream.
Source(s) of Funding: Self-funded
Outreach and Publicity:
1. Set up online retail store that also provides information about soap making and green
2. Online marketing efforts such as Facebook Ads Marketing will be conducted to create
more traffic to the online retail store.
3. Soap making workshop will be conduct to targeted group.
Moving Forward: Make the soap production into larger scale and build a bio-fuel generator