Study skills overview Your transcript of records is necessary for us to

Study skills overview
Your transcript of records is necessary for us to make sure you have the right background for admission to the courses of your choice. We need
additional information, however, on the study skills you possess.
Teaching at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies is characterized by a relatively high number of seminars as opposed to lectures (although
we have those as well), a lot of independent self-study, a high degree of active student participation in classes and students’ ability to write essays
and papers and give individual or group presentations. Especially in third-year courses and MA courses these skills are required of all students who
We therefore ask you to fill out the list below.
Study skills overview
First language:
Study skill
Taking part in seminars*)
Essay writing
Group discussions
Individual assignments
Group assignments
Source referencing **)
How often?
Have you written essays?
How often?
How many words?
How many sources did you have to use?
In English?
Did you do well?
Have you given presentations in a group?
How often?
How long (in minutes)?
In English?
Did you do well?
How many hours of self-study a week do
you have on average at your home
Have you participated in group
discussions? How often?
Have you done individual assignments?
Have you done group assignments?
Are you familiar with correct source
Student’s reply
*) a seminar is a relatively small group of students (max. 20-25) with one teacher. Both the teacher and the students have input. Students do and
discuss individual or group assignments, give presentations and/or write essays.
**) source referencing is giving all the academic sources you use for an essay or paper systematically and in the correct way, e.g. MLA format.
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