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Key Cybersecurity Inc.
Key Cybersecurity Inc. was founded in 2013 and was accepted as an inaugural cohort company into the
prestigious MACH37™ Cybersecurity Accelerator program. Key Cybersecurity Inc.’s leadership team
combines cybersecurity expertise from the defense and intelligence community. Executive management
and the advisory board has more than 60 years of experience creating and providing cybersecurity
solutions to Information Technology (IT) and Information Assurance (IA) customers. The company has
raised $250,000 in funding since September 2013.
Describe your innovative technology and how it solves a real world problem:
Key Cybersecurity’s product, CyberMerlin, will be offered as a client/server and/or network appliance
solution. CyberMerlin integrates a predefined database containing hash values of illicit files. These
hashes are compared to target files and/or network packets. When a match is found, CyberMerlin
generates alerts and reports, which contain detailed forensic information.
Virtually all corporate networks contain child pornography. The discovery of these files creates liability
problems for CIOs. The damage to corporate image and reputation from the publicity generated by an
incident of child pornography discovery is profoundly measurable. This is evidenced by subsequent
remediation costs and reactive organizational image rehabilitation.
Historically, the majority of these illicit files are typically only found via accidental discovery and the
amount of proliferation is unknown without a dedicated focused solution. CyberMerlin interfaces with
databases that contain the hash values of these known files and can quickly detect and report
“problematic files.” Previous safeguards have focused on image filename searches which are easily
avoided by simple filename changes. Other solutions have integrated archaic algorithms that are easily
traversed by savvy bad actors. CyberMerlin is unique in design and approach and the content of the
database can be customized to allow for ANY file-type search, irrespective of file type or language.
Software as a Service (SaaS) option is planned for 2015.