About Joule
Joule has pioneered a CO2-to-fuel production platform, effectively reversing combustion through the use of solar energy.
The company’s platform applies engineered catalysts to continuously convert waste CO2 directly into renewable fuels
such as ethanol or hydrocarbons for diesel, jet fuel and gasoline. Free of feedstock constraints and complex processing,
Joule’s process can achieve unrivaled scalability, volumes and costs without the use of any agricultural land, fresh water
or crops. Joule is privately held and has raised over $160 million in funding to date, led by Flagship Ventures. The
company operates from Bedford, Massachusetts and The Hague, The Netherlands, with production operations in Hobbs,
New Mexico. Additional information is available at
Chemical Plant Technician/Bioprocess Associate
Plant Technicians will be responsible for executing plant operations at Joule's facility in Hobbs, New Mexico, including
interfacing with computer control systems according to standard operating procedures and batch protocol. They will be
accountable for informing the lead and/or bioprocessing engineers when production problems arise. They will work in
12-hour shifts and therefore be responsible for keeping on-coming technicians informed of the current status of
processes and the tasks that must be undertaken in subsequent shifts.
• Maintain the site's stock cultures or production organisms and propagate cells in sufficient quantities for field
• Maintain the biological and analytical laboratory and perform analytical assays as required
• Follow procedures for plant start-up, shut-down, cleaning and batching
• Collect and test samples on all product and in-process streams
• Follow all standard operating procedures and faithfully execute the batch protocol, recording data and information in
the run summary sheets
• Learn and operate the computer control system and all processes associated with the plant
• Respond to collected data and process upsets, and inform lead and/or bioprocessing engineers for next actions
• Communicate to technicians coming on-shift any and all relevant information about current plant operations
• Notify the lead engineer of any production problems and document any deviations in operation from intended
• Complete any and all tasks assigned by the lead engineer
• Adhere to safe work practices
• Keep accurate and timely logs
• Perform routine maintenance on facility equipment
• Keep plant facilities clean
• Others duties as assigned
The position requires a degree in Chemical Engineering or Bioprocess Technology, Biotechnology, or Biology. Prior
biological or biotechnological laboratory experience is desired. Basic knowledge of operations and PH control, General
mechanical aptitude a plus. Prior experience working in production plants or a Certificate in Biofuels is preferred;
Applicants should be competent in various computer programs, including Microsoft Office Suite. They should also
possess effective oral and written communication skills, and excellent interpersonal skills.
Contact information:
Please forward resumes directly to
Or apply at
Currently- 4 on 4 off- 12 hour shifts. May change at any time.
Position Benefits:
GROWTH Opportunities
80% company paid Medical and Dental
Non-Qualified Stock Options with a growing Company
Steady employment
Safer working conditions
Work with cutting edge Green Technology- Sun Fuels
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