RRAA General Meeting January 14, 2014 The meeting was called to

RRAA General Meeting January 14, 2014
The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by President Thomas Kemp, who asked Earl Bengston to
give the invocation, followed by the Treasurer’s report.
The Board of Directors had voted to reduce the number of board members from 12 to nine, and the
positions opening in 2014 were those of Mike McGowan, Roger Boyer, Thomas Kemp, and Arron Smith
[incorrectly stated as Roger Boyer, Thomas Kemp, Mike McGowan, and Rayford Pullen in the Dec 4,
2013, BOD minutes]. Ten directors were present; Rayford Pullen was absent and Lee Bulla had
resigned. Sharon Truitt moved that the directors present be reelected, but this did not meet the correct
number required. After statements by the President about attendance and without a vote of the
membership, he stated that Mike and Arron were not directors.
Membership dues for 2014 are due.
Alternate meeting days were discussed. The Smokehouse is available only Monday through
Thursday. Some members said that Saturday was a good day, others said it was not. No decision was
made. The number of meetings in the year was discussed, and two seemed to be an appropriate
number: one in March before the April bull sale, the other in October or November. The Board of
Directors will set the dates.
The bull sale will probably be the first Saturday in April, but Billy Easter has not set a date yet. Bulls for
the sale should be 12 months to three years old and vaccinated. Bulls do not need to be tested for the
DD defect. New member Mathew Capps will help with the bull sale plans.
Neal Hunt will determine ultrasound dates and announce ultrasound plans.
Thomas presented honorary plaques to members:
1. Jack and Anita Thayer: Jack was the first president of the RRAA and the Thayers hosted the
ultrasound tests until the last couple of years.
Earl has delivered the plaques to the Thayers.
2. Lee Bulla, Vice President and board member [Butch Brundage will deliver it],
3. Butch Brundage, Treasurer and board member for many years,
4. Mike McGowan, President and board member for many years,
5. Lynn Williams, board member for many years, and
6. Earl Bengston, Treasurer and board member for many years.
RRAA member Mike Foley won the raffle for his meal to be provided by RRAA.
Everyone present was encouraged to bring a friend to the next general meeting, which will be the second
Tuesday in March, March 11, 2014, at 7:00 pm at the The Smokehouse, Lindsey.
The meeting was adjourned.
Sharon Truitt, Secretary
Board of Directors Meeting, February 16, 2014
The Red River Angus Association Board of Directors meeting at The Steakhouse, Lindsey, Texas, was
called to order at 6:00 pm by President Thomas Kemp. All nine members of the Board of Directors were
present: Stephen Alexander, Earl Bengston, Roger Boyer, Neal Hunt, Thomas Kemp, Rayford Pullen,
Fred Schmedt, Sharon Truitt, and Brooks Washington.
1. Earl Bengston gave the invocation and then presented the treasurer’s report. Earl reviewed on-going
expenses such as ultrasound transportation, website and Facebook management, and CPA tax
preparation fees. He suggested that we authorize cashing a CD to pay for ordinary recurring expenses
as well other expenses as needed. Sharon Truitt moved that a CD be cashed, Neal Hunt seconded the
motion, and the motion passed.
2. The low membership situation was discussed. When Earl attends the CCBCIA meeting to plan their fall
cattle sale, he will invite CCBCIA members come to our meetings. John Fisher has obtained permission
for RRAA to meet at Rohmer’s Restaurant in Muenster on a Saturday night if we want to have meetings
on other days than the second Tuesday of the month.
3. The RRAA bull sale at Wichita Livestock, Wichita Falls, Texas, will be Saturday, April 12, 2014. Mathew
Capps and Neal Hunt will help Thomas plan and manage the bull sale. Wichita Livestock is advertising
that there will be thirty-five 14 to 15-month-old unregistered commercial Angus bulls out of Gardner
Angus bulls at the sale in addition to our registered Angus bulls. We anticipate RRAA will have 20 to 25
bulls at the sale. Information on sale bulls needs to be sent to the planners as soon as possible.
4. Bull sale advertising and costs were discussed. Our advertisements in the Weekly Livestock Reporter will
run on April 3 and 10. Fred suggested expanding advertising to the Penny News and will get contact
information and costs to Earl. Advertisement cost is estimated at $25 per bull. Nomination fee will be
$35 per bull to cover initial costs. Bull sale order will be determined as in the past: draw numbers for sale
order for each seller. First round will be each seller’s first bull; second round, each seller’s second choice
bull; then third round, any remaining bulls.
5. Sharon’s resignation as Secretary was regretfully accepted by the Board. Officers elected were: Thomas
Kemp, President; Neal Hunt, Vice President; Earl Bengston, Treasurer; and Fred Schmedt, Secretary.
6. The next general meeting will be Tuesday, March 11, 2014, at 7:00 pm at The Smokehouse in
Lindsey. The bull sale will be discussed; other topics will be announced.
7. The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 pm.
Sharon Truitt, Secretary
Red River Angus Association