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Winter assignment (2015-2016)
Subject: History / Civics
Class:- 6th
01. Imagine yourself as a historian. Collect details about your family your parents, grandparents and
great grandparents and write them in your note-book. Make a family tree and also mention the
source of information.
02. How did the ‘Discovery of fire’ changed the life of rarely humans?
03. Can we think of a ‘life without wheel’ in the world of today? Give reasons to support your answer.
04. From your study of history you will see that “All civilizations emerged near river banks”. Why do
you think that human settled near river banks?
05. History is key to all subjects. Explain how?
06. Why do you think that rarely humans domesticated animals? How did it help them?
07. How did cultivation of cropper change the life of rarely Humana?
08. If you are devoid of all the modern facilities and left alone to live on your own idea will you spend
your life?
09. Mention some sources of History and explain how these help to reconstructive the history of past.
10. How is geography of a place related with its history?
11. Why do you think that early humans made painting on the wall of caves?
12. What is diversity? Is there diversity in your class.
13. India is a land of large diversity? Explain how?
14. If there will be no diversity our life will be boring and monotonous? Why?
15. What does diversity add to your life?
16. Do you think it is good to stereo type girls in comparison to boys? Give reasons to support your
17. Why do you think there is economic divide in our country?
18. How does prejudice affect a person or his family?
19. Name some leaders who fought against discrimination in our country and write about them in