Review of Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act Factsheet

Department of Business
Budget 2014-15 Factsheet
BUDGET 2014-15
Review of Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act
$0.2 million to review
Rehabilitation and
Compensation Act
The Northern Territory workers compensation scheme provides no fault coverage for eligible
workers who are injured at work. The scheme focuses on returning injured workers to the
workplace and provides financial support during that process. The Act will be reviewed to
ensure current and evolving requirements are met and that a fair balance between the interests
of employers and workers is achieved.
The focus in 2014-15 will be to engage with stakeholders, service providers and industry
specialists to achieve a full understanding of what is required to develop the scheme. Some of
the considerations will be:
the definition of a worker
achieving an equitable and economically viable compensation system
maintaining successful return to work outcomes
the methodology for assessing the level of income maintenance
a framework to resolve disputes quickly, fairly and cost-effectively
Improved clarity by resolving anomalies in the legislation and scheme operation.
Rehabilitation and return to work as core aims.
Ensuring the scheme meets the ongoing needs of seriously injured workers.
A financially sound scheme that remains competitive.
More certainty for business over the future cost of insurance protection.
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