Imagine that your world traveling cousin, Fred, has called and wants to
come for a visit. Pick a city that is at least 200 miles from Tucson for
your cousin to be in. You need to write a friendly letter to Fred giving him detailed instructions
on how to get to your house. You need to describe exactly what he needs to do to get here. He
does not use cell phones or have a GPS or a computer. You must have him take two different
forms of transportation such as planes, trains, ships, cars, taxis, buses, bicycles, or foot. You
will need to include such things as airlines and names of airports he will land in and the
approximate number of miles each leg takes, the names of streets he will use once he reaches
Tucson, landmarks that could help him recognize where to turn, and anything you think that
will make it easy for your cousin to find your house. Do not just print out Google map
directions. The directions must be in your own words! If you just use Google or MapQuest
directions without putting it in your own words and adding landmarks, you will be marked as
having plagiarized.
Friendly letter format 5 points
Follows directions 10 points
Content 10 points
Neat, typed or written in blue or black ink 5 points
Extra points given for creativity (including tickets, keys, etc.)