My Fair Lady list of songs

Overture and Opening Scene
SONG - Why Can't the English?- Higgins, with others - "Look at her, a
prisoner of the gutter"
SONG - Wouldn't It Be Loverly? - Eliza and Male Chorus - "It's rather dull in
town "
TRIO - With a Little Bit Of Luck - Doolittle, Jamie and Harry - "The Lord
above gave man an arm of iron"
4a - Change of scene
SONG - I'm an Ordinary Man - Higgins - "I'm an ordinary man who desires
nothing more"
5a - Change of scene
Reprise - With a Little BIt of Luck - (Doolittle with Chorus) - "A man was
made to support his children"
SONG - Just You Wait - Eliza - "Just you wait 'enry 'iggins"
CHORUS - Poor Professor Higgins - Chorus with Higgins and Eliza - "Poor
Professor Higgins"
TRIO - The Rain in Spain - Eliza, Higgins and Pickering - The rain in Spain
stays mainly in the plain"
SONG - I Could Have Danced all Night - Eliza with 1st and 2nd Maids and
Mrs. Pearce - "Bed, bed, I couldn't go to bed"
CHORUS - Ascot Gavotte - Chorus - "Ev'ry duke and earl and peer is here"
End of Scene - Ensemble - "There they are again"
SONG - On the Street Where You Live - Freddy, with Mrs. Pearce - "When she
mentioned how her aunt"
Eliza's entrance
Introduction to promenade
Embassy Waltz
DUET - You Did It - Higgins, Pickering and Chorus - "Tonight, old man, you
did it"
Reprise - Just You Wait - (Eliza) - "Just you wait Henry Higgins"
20a - Reprise - On the Street Where You Live - (Freddy) - "I have often walked
this street before"
20b - SONG - Show Me - (Eliza with Freddy) - - "Speak and the world is full
of singing"
MALE CHORUS - The Flower Market - (Male Chorus with solo, Eliza) - "With one enormous chair"
SONG - Get Me to the Church on Time - Doolittle and Chorus (with solo,
Harry) - "Just a few more hours"
Change of scene