Global warming Aoife McCarthy

Global warming.
Global warming means that the planet is heating up at a
quicker speed than usual. Gasses that are released during
the burning of fossil fuels trap heat before it can escape
into space.
All scientists say that burning the fossil fuels such as oil
and coal creates heat trapping “greenhouse gasses” by
surrounding the earth’s atmosphere these gasses have
the very same effect as a greenhouse this means that they
let in the heat and trap it before they can escape. Humans
also provide gasses such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide
and methane that all add up to greenhouse gasses.
Scientists record the temperature every year and they
estimate that it will continue each year. A hotter world
has a huge effect on everyone and everything including
the land, the sea and all of the Earths inhabitants as it
causes the glaciers to melt and then creates dramatic
weather conditions.
A hurricane called hurricane Katrina is one of the
sixth strongest hurricanes ever in the city of New
Orleans. Hurricane Katrina. It was a storm with wind
speeds up to 255 kilometres per hour and it hit the city
while destroying everything in its way. Some people in
the city had some warning so they evacuated whilst
others went to a safe holding place in the city called the
Superdome, although this was one of the largest
structures in the city the hurricane passed through it
with such force that it tore two holes in the roof.
Eventually people were told to leave New Orleans. A
disaster like this led to many p0eople being unemployed.
Research shows that warmer ocean contributes to the
tropical storms like hurricane Katrina. Experts warn that
it is too early to predict if global warming causes
hurricanes to happen more often although most people
agree that if the Earth continues to heat up that all the
storms will be getting much worse.
There is many ways to try and slow the effects of global
warming. Saving energy is available to everyone but you
just need the right technology to use it properly, people
can get electricity by using solar power and wind power.
Also saving water can reduce the energy and the
greenhouse effect.
Transport has a big effect on global warming as there is
so many cars, trucks, airplanes, vans, motorbikes and
trains in the world. There are lots of things we can do
such as walking, running, cycle and also busses or trains
or carpooling as this saves the energy and the
Global warming is so important and will continue unless
people can help to try and stop it.
By Aoife McCarthy.