Anthropometric Data

Anthropometric data
Teacher guidance
Overview of task
Students are given a large dataset of children’s and young adults’ anthropometric data to
use to investigate whether particular sets of data are related. The students should present
their findings in the form of a report/presentation, with the opportunity to use spreadsheet
software to present data.
Mathematical strand: Statistics
Prior knowledge
Plotting scatter graphs, lines of best fit, correlation, sampling.
Relevance to Core Maths qualifications
Suggested approaches
The full dataset is almost 4 000 so students may wish to use samples for their analysis.
Students can decide what data they want to compare, or the teacher may want to allocate
the data to the students. The task would be suited to pairs or small groups. It would be
desirable for students to try to mathematically quantify their findings and ask whether they
are in line with initial expectations.
In addition to this overview, there are:
Detailed teacher notes (Word and PDF)
Student information sheet (Word and PDF)
Excel spreadsheet containing source data
Relevant digital technologies
Access to Excel spreadsheet or similar spreadsheet software is required.
Possible extensions
The students’ findings could be used to formally derive (or show how they may be derived)
the formulae for least squares regression line and PPMCC.
This resource was developed by the Nuffield Foundation for the FSMQs. It can be accessed
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