School GTA policy (Sept 2014)

School of Humanities: GTA policy
The School of Humanities engages Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) across our six Subjects
(Archaeology, Digital Media Informatics, Celtic and Gaelic, Classics, History and Philosophy) to assist
with the delivery of teaching and to provide them with professional development opportunities. GTA
engagement normally takes the form of delivery of teaching within seminar groups and associated
assessment marking.
GTAs can also be required to take on wider duties, such as exam invigilation, student feedback sessions
and other ad-hoc student contact activities.
1. Recruitment
GTAs are normally recruited as ‘atypical workers’, under the University Atypical Worker Policy &
Procedure as outlined at
Recruitment of atypical workers:
Once the worker(s) has been identified, they should contact/meet with the Operations Administrator in
order that the registration process can commence. During the first stage of registration the Operations
Administrator will:
Carry out the necessary pre-employment/working permission checks to confirm eligibility to work in the
UK, and certify and copy the documentation;
Enter the required basic personal details of the worker through the HR System, i.e. name, date of birth,
national insurance number, personal email address;
Attach the worker to the appropriate post profile and upload the certified working permissions
documentation (e.g. passport, visa, etc).
On completion of the first stage of the registration process, an email will be sent to the atypical worker’s
personal email address which will provide them with their University of Glasgow ID/Password (GUID),
therefore enabling them to access the HR Payroll System. The worker will then be required to log into the
HR Payroll System where they will complete the registration process by providing their bank details,
diversity information and checking all other personal details. Please note that payment for work
undertaken cannot be made until the worker is fully registered.
Upon being recruited as a GTA, individuals will be provided with a letter of engagement. This provides
clarity and outlines the expectations of the role and also outlines rates of pay. A template example is
provided below.
2. Payment
2.1 Rates of Pay
Hourly rates of pay for GTAs follow the National Pay Scale as outlined at: GTAs are normally appointed at spinal point 25 upon
engagement for tutoring.1
Other duties e.g. demonstrating or invigilation are paid at a different grade.
Academic assessment and teaching delivery can vary across the School given our diversity of academic
disciplines. Nevertheless, in relation to GTA rates of pay, the following guidance is used in order to
ensure consistency across the School:
Rate of Pay
1.5 hours per hour of delivery
Other contact time
1 hours per hour of delivery
1 hour per hour of contact
Includes 0.5 hours for
Preparation not included
i.e. assessment feedback
sessions, ‘office’ hours, open day
Course assessment ≤ 2000
Course assessment 2000 words
Non honours exam scripts
1 hour of per hour of marking
1.3 hours per hour of marking
1 hour of per hour of marking
Paid at rate of 3 assessments
per hour
Paid at rate of 3 assessments
per hour
Paid at rate of 3 assessments
per hour
Any other miscellaneous or ad-hoc assessment marking will be arranged in consultation with the Head of
Subject, following the conventions outlined above.
An additional payment in lieu of statutory holiday entitlement, a legal right for workers, will automatically
be paid and will appear as a separate figure on payslips for hours processed. This additional payment in
respect of holiday pay is calculated as 12.0319% of the individual's normal hourly rate.
2.2 Payment Procedures
At the end of each month, GTAs should complete the ‘Atypical Worker Claim’ as outlined below. This form
must be countersigned by the Course Convenor before it can be processed by the Course Administrator.
Unsigned forms will be not be processed. GTAs must also ensure that they enter their person number
and appointment ID number. A separate form should be completed for each claim.
Payment claim forms are processed in line with the monthly University payroll procedures. GTA claims
must be submitted to the relevant Subject/Course Administrator by the dates below:
Payroll Deadlines – 2013-14
Day / Time
All Payments
except expenses
Pay Day
Friday 4pm
Friday 4pm
Friday 4pm
Monday 4pm
Thursday 4pm
Friday 4pm
Monday 4pm
Thursday 4pm
Friday 4pm
Tuesday 4pm
Friday 4pm
Friday 4pm
to be confirmed
School of Humanities: GTA claim form
This form must be countersigned by the Course Convenor/Administrator before it can be processed.
To help with the processing, please ensure that your person number and appointment ID have been
provided below.
Please complete a separate claim form for EACH COURSE.
Person (staff) No. [NOT student number]:
Appointment ID(s):
Surname [CAPITALS]
Forename [CAPITALS]
Course Name / Code
Tutoring (for example, tutorials and
Course(s): please
specify i.e.
Archaeology 1001
For Office use
Other contact time (for example, office
hours, field trips, demonstrating,
assessment feedback and open day
Claimant's signature
Course(s): please
specify i.e.
Archaeology 1001
For Office use
Non-Honours Essay up to 2000 words
Honours Essay 2000+ words
Exam scripts
Authorised signature [Course Administrator/Convener]
Sample email issued to GTA:
You have agreed to provide your services as a Graduate Teaching Assistant within the School of
Humanities in the College of Arts with effect from (please specify anticipated start date) until (please
specify anticipated end date). This is for a temporary period only and will automatically terminate upon
its expiration, or, at a mutually agreed earlier date by either party serving the other with one week’s notice
of termination [in writing].
You have agreed to provide your services (please specify no. of hours as appropriate) per
week/semester/year (please specify as appropriate) which includes time allocated for teaching contact,
preparation, and marking in accordance with the University’s Atypical Worker Policy and Procedure to be
worked as outlined below:You are regarded as a worker and not an employee of the University. You will be paid for hours worked
at the rate of Spine Point 25 (Grade 6) of the National Pay Scale, currently £14.54 per hour.
Payment for any work carried out will be paid monthly in arrears into your bank account, subject to the
submission of an Atypical Worker Claim form on a monthly basis, duly authorised by the relevant Course
Administrator/Convenor, and following the School procedures for the processing of claims. These
procedures are outlined at
The University will make all necessary deductions from payments as required by law [and shall be entitled
to deduct any money which you owe to the University.]
You are eligible to accrue statutory holiday entitlement on a pro-rata basis to actual hours worked in
accordance with the Working Time Regulations 1998. Statutory holiday entitlement for a full time worker
is currently 28 days per year. An additional payment will be made over and above your normal hourly
rate by way of payment in lieu of your accrued holiday entitlement. This additional payment will amount
to 12% of your normal hourly rate. Payment will be processed automatically and will appear as a
separate amount on your monthly payslip.
Pursuant to this relationship, there is no mutuality of obligation. You will not be required to accept any
work offered nor will the University be required to offer or provide any future work to you, if and when it is
available. This letter does not constitute a contract of employment between you and the University.
If you are unable to provide your services at the agreed times, you will not be eligible to receive payment
in respect of this period.
You consent to the University holding and processing, both electronically and manually, the data that it
collects about you, in the course of your working relationship with the University, for the purposes of the
administration and management of its staff and for compliance with applicable laws, procedures and
All workers are required to provide evidence of their identification in the form of a copy of their full birth
certificate or current passport and, if applicable, produce relevant documentation to establish their right to
undertake work in the UK, before commencing work in accordance with the Asylum & Immigration
Regulations 1999.
Please do not hesitate to contact Pauline McLachlan, Operations Administrator
[email protected] should you have any queries regarding this letter.