Pak Kau College
Mock Examination (Jan., 2015)
Secondary Six
English Language – Paper 1 Time Allowed:1hr30mins.
Reading (Suggested Answer) Total Marks: (A-51marks)
(B1-36marks / B2-53marks)
Part A
1. B
2. (i) T
3. Japan’s (long term) economic recession
4. C
5. (a)they are a lesser evil to the Internet (which is more addictive and damaging)
(b)demand basic comprehension skills
6. fuels
7. A
8. The key features common to those modern comics that rank with the best novels of our times are their (1)
book lengths which are as long as novels and their (1) well-developed storylines.
9. Days of the Bagnold Summer and Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes
10. (1) these novels demand concentration and deep thinking from good readers which lure them to read on
(1) these novels are approachable and so encourage them to have a go
11. clever storyline
12.(a) very detailed narrative
(b) multiple plot lines
Book title
Speech Bubble
V for Vendetta
how comics can be used in
classroom settings
(1) A
(line 62)
(1) Days of the Bagnold
Summer (line 52)
(1) Dotter of Her Father’s
Eyes (line 53)
(1) a graphic novel shortlisted for
(1) C
the famous Costa Book Awards a
famous literary/book award
(1) a graphic novel (in literary
(1) B
form) that won a famous book
award/(the Biography category of) the famous Costa
Book Awards
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English Language – Paper 1
Reading (Suggested Answer)
Secondary Six
14. (interesting) literary discussions in schools
15. (1) a proud supporter / fully supports the use of comics/manga as educational tool
(1) still struggling with the idea of
using comics in education / (1) starting to follow the Japanese model to a limited extent
16. to ensure their messages are properly delivered / to have total control of the content and layout
17. (i)F
18. Education Bureau
drug abuse
compensated dating
19. (1) Students might not treat subject matters (presented in comic books) seriously enough and so miss out on
important information.
(1) Comics are appealing to students with varying abilities, thus making them effective educational tools.
(1) Demand basic comprehension skills from
student readers
(1) Comic books are not yet accepted as a
mainstream educational tool (by traditionalists
(1) May encourage young readers to branch out into
traditional prose
and some governments)
(1) Students might not take comic-themed
(1) Comics enjoy huge popularity, making them
textbooks seriously
highly effective as a learning tool
(1) Can cater for students with varying ability levels
21. C
22. C
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Secondary Six
English Language – Paper 1
Reading (Suggested Answer)
Part B1
23. D
24. A
25. a team made up of top senior executives and community leaders (at the 2009 event)
26. A
27. 2008  Great Depression  senior executives  community leaders
2 
28. B
29. (a) a transistor radio for stopping him from getting bored/entertainment
(b) a cage of toy birds for luck
30. A
31. (a) blasting
(b) break his personal best
32. (a) His children completed the full length of the course.
(b) His children didn’t complain.
33. D
34. thin on the ground
35. C
36. (i) F
(ii) NG
(iii) F
(iv) F
37. (i) (actress)Annie Liu Hsin-you
(ii) (London-based Indian runner)Fauja Singh
(iii) (former police officer)Ko Kam-tin
38. Aiv
39. D
40. Business people, community leaders, a former police officer, runners from overseas and creatives have all
taken part in the event over the years.
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English Language – Paper 1
Reading (Suggested Answer)
Secondary Six
Part B2
41. ‘Lit’ refers to literature / literary works.
42. (a) its potty humour
(b) the main characters’ poor spelling
43. C
44. Captain Underpants
Captain Underpants
The Kite Runner
46. American Library Association
 occult/satanic
 anti-family
viewpoint  The Kite Runner 
 Beloved
Nobel Prize 
Captain Underpants
47. censorship
48. originated/began
 censor  public morals
China  one
49. States and nations often defend their censorship of literature with the argument that they do so to protect
their people’s hearts and minds
50. (i) T
(ii) T
(iii) F
51. They successfully convinced the court that the novel’s explicitness was artistically justified, and (1) under
the new Obscene Publications Act (1959), this was sufficient to overturn the book ban
52. They are not popular with dictators or bloodthirsty rulers because printed texts are cheap and portable,
easily shared and easily concealed, making them the perfect medium to spread (subversive) messages
against/that may challenge their absolute rule.
53. it caused priceless ancient works to be lost forever
54. How: The world’s only surviving copy was burnt (by a violent Benedictine monk).
Why: A violent Benedictine monk was offended by it / A Benedictine monk found it offensive (and
destroyed it).
55. (a) D
(b) C
(c) B
(a) A
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Secondary Six
English Language – Paper 1
Reading (Suggested Answer)
56. D
57. B  C  D  A
58. outrage
59. (a) Philip Larkin
(b) Franz Kafka
(c) Virgil
(in any order)
60. D
61. A
62. Yes, the writer is happy about Max Brod’s refusal to execute Kafka’s dying wish, saying that (1)
‘Fortunately for us, Brod’s refusal rescued almost everything Kafka ever wrote’.
63. I agree with the writer that it is ‘heart-wrenching’ as their works should become great literary treasures to
future generations. / No, I think it should be up to the authors themselves to decide on the fate of/what happens
to their works.
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