Worksheet 15 - Iowa State University

Phys 221 SI Worksheet:
Supplemental Instruction
Iowa State University
Phys 221
1. What is the difference between elastic and inelastic collisions?
2. A 10,000kg truck heading west at 20m/s and a 1000kg car heading east at 50m/s
collide head on. Assuming the collision is perfectly inelastic (the cars stick together),
what is the car’s velocity after the collision?
3. Consider the same scenario as number 2, but now assume that the collision is elastic.
What is the velocity of the car after the collision?
4. An object of mass m1=80kg hits another object of mass m2=70kg that is initially at
rest. The final speed of object 1 is v1f=6.0 m/s with an angle θ1=40o with its original
direction. Object 2 ends up moving at an angle of θ2=65o. Find the final speed of
object 2 and initial speed of object 1.
5. An open cart with a mass of 20kg is rolling to the
left on a horizontal surface with a speed of 2m/s. A
0.7kg package slides down a frictionless chute
(pictured) and lands in the cart. If the cart’s speed
after the package lands is 1.25m/s to the left,
through what distance, d, did the package slide on
the ramp?
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