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SAFWAN is an Abu Dhabi UAE based regional Oil & Gas Services provider and working exclusively with

Oil & Gas Sector in the Middle East Region SAFWAN Petroleum Technologies Est. was recognized in UAE in 2005 , which is several years of excellence in providing pioneering, world-class solutions and services.

SAFWAN is firmly positioned as a total solutions provider to the Oil & Gas sector with a proven ability to resolve complex problems, across the value chain, from upstream to midstream production and process requirements including:

Well Testing Services

Well diagnostics Services.

Production facilities and power generation projects.

Trading of various ranges and types of Oilfield Spare parts.

The company has a team of experienced professionals that provides a broad range of design, process, fabrication and operational skills. It has the depth and width to undertake the most complex of Oil & Gas projects & service contracts, right from inception through implementation. These capabilities combined with its exemplary QHSE performance and immaculate control processes enable it to execute the most complex projects on a turnkey basis. This results in timely completion of projects at lower costs, with reduced risk to the environment as well as its employees, vendors, subcontractors and clients. SAFWAN is committed to consolidating its position in the region as the leading provider of total solutions, in the Oil & Gas sector.

Whatever the degree of your requirement, SAFWAN has the range and expertise to deliver. SAFWAN is from the best companies in the region providing the widest range of services in the upstream & midstream development & production of hydrocarbon reserves.

SAFWAN has a sound track record of executing major projects for Oil & Gas Sector like:




SAFWAN is committed to offer its customers the highest quality of specialized solutions, focused on improving reservoir production and accelerating customers’ return on investment. We focus on achieving this objective with the highest quality and safe operations protecting our people and the environment.


SAFWAN strives to be a leading solution provider in the MENA region operating with National and

International companies. SAFWAN focus on performing various upstream oilfield services and customized design, construction and operations of fast track oil and gas production facilities projects.


SAFWAN aims to provide our clients with professional, timely and quality services.


1. Well Testing Services:


Well Production Testing Services

Offshore & Onshore Production Testing

Clean-up & Killing Operation

Under Drilling Exploration Testing

Fluid Re-Injection – Hi-Low Rates

HP-HT operations – High H2S

Including the following:

Production GOR Testing & Rig Testing

Two & Three Phase Test Separator Units

Multiphase Metering Units


Well Completion Services

Lining and installation of CLS range of internally lined steel tubular towards solutions for corrosion mitigation in nearly all down whole environments from shallow brine water disposal wells to deep hot gas production wells.

SAFWAN provides upstream oilfield services related to reservoir and testing, installation of various types of artificial lift pumps. We provide these services at the highest safety and quality standards.


Well Diagnostic Services

Fluid Level Analysis

Dynamometer Services

Pressure Transient Surveys


Miscellaneous Services

Field Maintenance Services

Horizontal pumping systems for effluent water disposal into disposal Wells.

Supply of all sizes of down hole tubular - API & Premium for well completions

Including machine shop and thread cutting facilities.

Dedicated Chemical Injection systems for oil wells, including supply of all kinds of oil

& gas production related chemicals like demulsifies, corrosion inhibitors, ant scale, antifoam etc.


Oil Field Services:

Oil & Gas Projects Division

Surface Production Testing operations utilizing State of the Art Portable Three Phase Separator

Units, Two Phase Separator units and Multi Phase Flow Meter Units rated for up to 10,000

‐ psi service and 15,000 BPD production. SAFWAN specializes in handling of EPC & lease contracts for production systems and production facilities where we engineer, design, construct commission and operate facilities for hydrocarbon processing requirements of our clients.

Early Production Facilities

Early Production Facilities (EPF) designed, engineered, installed, commissioned, operated & maintained by SAFWAN for processing and testing of sour crude and gas.

Gas Sweetening Facility

Design, built & operated by SAFWAN, the Gas Processing Facility is located in UAE The primary purpose of this facility is to remove the sour gas components (H2S and CO2) of the natural gas and thereby produce a sweet and dry product gas stream for delivery to the pipeline.

SAFWAN personal handling project on Rig site

Gas Compression & Re-injection Facilities


Additional Services supported by ( 2 Sister Companies & Agents ) :

Safwan Petroleum can provide the below services supported by Sister Companies and Agents.

Our Sister Companies

General Motor Transportation ( GMT )

Nubere Oilfield & Petroleum Services ( Nubere OPS



Heavy Trucks with Drivers & Security Pass Rental to Oilfield Companies

Trucks, Cranes for On-road & off-road services with different capacities, Kenworth C500,

Forklifts, Ditch Witch, Backhoes, etc. …

Equipment’s Rental to Oilfield Companies


Storage Tanks – Reinjection Pump Units – Air compressor units – Generators - Pipes ...etc.

Refurbished & Repair of Oilfield Equipment.

Dressing of reinjection pump Fluid End – Booster Pump Repair... etc...

Supply New Spare parts for Oilfield Equipment.

Hydraulic Valves – Hydraulic Motors – Hydraulic Pumps - Seals – Gauges – etc …

Gas / Oil and Marine Equipment Cleaning and

Remove Scale and Corrosion (supported by our agent TERMORENS co.

Supply Safety Tools for Oilfield Companies.

Perforation TCP

Supply for Rig Spare Parts.

Supply for Oil –Grease & Lubricants Supported by our agent Mantek

Coil Tubing Services.

Well Logging Services.

Directional Drilling –Horizontal ( MWS-LWD)

Supply Cables / Inspection – repair - and Splice cables , supported by our

Agent CAMESA and our Cable Services Repair Centre CSR.




Health and Safety Policy

We believe that all our activities can be undertaken safely and we will never compromise safety.

We will conduct our business in a way that ensures the health and well-being of our employees, contractors and any person affected by our activities.

We know that continuous improvement of our health and safety performance is essential for a successful company.

All employees have responsibility for their own and others health and safety, but overall accountability rests with management.

HSE&S Management System


Implementation and operation

Checking and Corrective Measures

Management Review


Driving Policy

Environmental Objectives

Environmental Policy

Health & Safety Environmental Policy

Non Smoking Policy

Quality Policy

Substance Abuse Policy

Health, Safety, Environment and Security Policy


People contributing at their potential. Everyone can make a difference.

We understand our priorities and performance goals

We drive to do our part every day

We support new ideas and take appropriate risks

We take action to find and correct problems

We commend each other on a job well done

Delivering unmatched value to our customers

We make it easy for customers to do the business with us

We listen to our customers and understand their needs

We plan ahead to deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions

We are dedicated to safe, flawless execution and top-quality results

Being cost efficient in everything we do.

We maintain a competitive cost structure for the long term

We utilize shared services to control cost for the enterprises

We seek the best value for Safwan Petroleum in our relationship with suppliers

We ruthlessly eliminate waste without compromising safety or quality

Employing our resources effectively

We assign our people where they can make the biggest contribution

We allocate our investments to leverage the best opportunities for Safwan Petroleum Technologies

We handle company assets as if they were our own

We manage our balance sheet to enhance return our investment


Oil & Gas Production Projects:

Safwan specialized in handling of EPC and lease contracts for production systems and production facilities where we engineer, design, construct commission and operate facilities for hydrocarbon processing requirements of our clients.

Our current projects:

Early Production Facility

Early Production Facility

(EPF) located in North Abu Dhabi UAE

Production capacity:

of 5 MMBOPD stabilized, dehydrated crude, 175 MMSCFD of sweetened gas & 136

TPD of molten sulfur

Contract type:

BOO (EPC + Operations & Maintenance)

Contact Period:

2007 – 2014 Extendable till 2019

Gas Sweetening Facility

Facility to remove Sour Gas components

(H2S & CO2) of the natural gas Project is intended to reduce flaring of the das condensate.

Production capacity:

40 MMSFD currently working on extending capacity of plant to 60 MMSFD

Contact type:

BOO (EPC + Operations & Maintenance)

Contact period:

2010 -2015 Extendable to 20 20

Gas Compression & Re-injection Facility

The project is intended to increase the gas export capability and reduce the gas and condensate flaring in the

Gathering Center

Plant capacity:

60 MMSCFD Abu Dhabi UAE Oil Company objectives to achieving zero flaring.

Contract type:

(EPC + Operations + Maintenance)

Contract Period:

2011 – 2015 Extendable to 2020



does not work in isolation - we need to work with suppliers, contractors and partners to carry out our operations…



List of Equipment’s:

1440 PSI Well Testing Packages

2160 PSI Well Testing Packages

1440 PSI Clean Up Sets

Piping Sets (3’; 6’; 10’; 30’; 40’) 602;

1502; - PSI rating

Flange Piping (RF – RTJ)

1440 PSI FTC (Flow to Clean) Packages

1440 PSI Green Burner Packages

Vertical Flare Stack

Storage Tank (400 BBs & 500 BBs)

H2S Sweetening Units

Acid Neutralization Units

List of Equipment’s

Sweetening Chemicals

Burner Booms

Re-Injection Packages

Re-Injection Pumps

Transfer Pumps

Regret Systems

Neutralization Chemicals

Offshore Testing Packages

Offshore Clean Up Sets

Chemist packages (Water Sailings – water Analysis – Finalizes)

DAQ System – Wireless Solution) with

X-over Different Rates and Types

Chair Valves) – Different Rates

Water Treatment System

Valves (Gate; Ball; Globe; Butterfly;

Water Treatment Chemicals

Instrumentation (Controls – Fishers)


Drilling Materials

Well Head X-Mass Tress


Heavy Trucks - 2 types


Corporate Offices and Engineering office in Abu Dhabi, UAE

2 Operating bases in Abu Dhabi and 1 operating base in the field

200 & growing permanent employees, comprising of trained and highly professional engineers and

 technicians including: Process, Mechanical & Instrumentation Engineers and Petroleum Engineers

SAFWAN owns of heavy equipment’s like: - Trucks, Cranes, Forklifts and etc...












SAFWAN Petroleum Technologies

P.O. Box: 106448 Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 2 5516172 Fax: +971 2 5516174

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.safwanpetroleum.ae