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Previous book by the same editors:
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Extracts from the reviews:
the crux of the book’s message: ‘transition from the classical paradigm of conservation to the one of managing change’
and addressing acceptable levels of change… This is an important book, destined one hopes to be essential reading for those
involved in urban conservation globally: scholars, practitioners, managers, students.
Ken Taylor, Journal of Landscape Research, 2012
Heritage has become a recognized economic driver, and the authors are proponents of the integration of urban conservation
into urban development. The Historic Urban Landscape methodology, therefore, becomes a tool for the management of
change…. (This book) is well written, straightforward and easy to understand. Its concepts are an evolution of current practices
in a rapidly changing world impacted by urban migration and globalization. The Historic Urban Landscape will change in a major
way accepted notions of historic cities’ preservation.
Pamela Jerome, Association of Preservation Technology Bulletin, 2012
… with this volume, Francesco Bandarin and Ron van Oers manage to make a most valuable contribution to this body of
literature with a thoughtful and practical approach… I would recommend the book to scholars of urban planning, but also as a
must read for any policy-maker and officers of local authority working in the field of heritage conservation and heritage site
Laura Pierantoni, SPANDREL, 7 (2013)